70+ Personal Stories on How to Make Serious Money Online!

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How did I start making money online?

how i made my first money online

My journey summarized 1. Got my first income at 16 years old Being 18 years old, I officially opened up my company November But as a hobby it began, so let me start from there. At the moment, that was just pure happiness, and enough fuel for me to keep going.

Time passed, and business was slow, but I was still working hard. I wasn't sure how much money you could get out of being an affiliate. So it was still just for fun. Hired a Freelancer to do some writing for me. Starting to think this was actually a possibility. Thought a bit bigger, got some faith in being able to make a living out of it, but I wasn't convinced.

I was really happy though.

How I Started Making Money Online – My Journey In Affiliate Marketing Summarized

You're account is inactivated — Start how to make decent money for a student again from 0 income Adsense was fun. Reason still not known today, but I've got some tips for you here if you wanna avoid it.

Not exciting stuff when you're just starting out. It hurt really badly after all those months of struggling, trying to work up a good income, and feeling so happy that it actually was a possibility to earn money online. Had to start from scratch again. It might not seem like a big deal, but back then, it was everything I had going into my bank account. And I did a lot of hard work.

That didn't stop me though.


Created a couple of new websites, managed to get a new Adsense account technically you're not allowed and started the hussle all over again.

This time, because of all the skills and knowledge I gathered in the past, I managed to work up the same income in just a matter of months. Back to feeling like a boss. However, it felt like I should change my business model to something more solid. Knowing that Google could cut me out any day was making me feel wobbly.

Diving into affiliate marketing Year isand at this point I knew that I really wanted to build up an online revenue, it seemed like the perfect lifestyle. Still didn't make actual money though after being cut out from the Adsense program. Took it a bit more serious.

I really loved making money online, so I started to look for some other options. I dived into affiliate marketing. It seemed a bit more stable, because you are relying on multiple sources of commissions different networks, partners etc. Didn't make much money for some time.

7 Ways To Make Your First Money Online

It's harder to get a sale than to get a click. I did have a bit of experience, operating my own websites and all. I got a couple of first clients that made me some extra. I even became part time employed at a SEO company, for about 6 months, to get more involved in the business and build up some capital.

Good how i made my first money online. I became good friends with them and actually enjoyed working side by side with people, and again, got more certainty that it was possible to make money online — because others were doing it.

How To Start Making Money Online For Beginners

Learned a lot from these guys, and we ended up collaborating a lot later. Affiliate was hard stuff. It felt a bit hopeless working month after month and not getting paid.

But I didn't really realize that I was planting seeds for the future. You see, affiliate marketing as with many things is all about planting seeds, because there comes a day when you harvest all the seeds you once planted.

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That's why it's better doing stuff, than thinking about doing stuff. The first affiliate sale — Enough fuel to build momentum Not much luck being an affiliate so far. I kept at it though gotta admire that persistence.

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  • 70+ Personal Stories on How to Make Serious Money Online!
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One day, I logged into the affiliate network as usual. This time I noticed. Managed to get my first sale. That was a really happy moment for me.

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I remember even telling people about it. That one sale gave me a lot of fuel to continue trying to make money online.

how i made my first money online

Even though I didn't make a lot of moneyI was still really excited about earning money online through affiliate marketing. It felt more steady and I also saw bigger potential in it. If I could make this much money with the amount of work I put in so far, what if I just do the work 50 times? Wow, the hype was real. Year — actually starting to make a living from my online business Now we're talking aboutand things are really starting to take off. Making some bucks, realizing even more that the potential to earn money online was there.

how i made my first money online

I kept working a lot, reinvested every penny I made, and didn't attend school much at all anymore. I had long dreamt of moving to warm place with blue water. I knew some successful affiliate people living in an island called Malta. Booked a trip there, had a great time and loved the place. A few weeks later, I decided that I want to move to Malta at the beginning of I was making money, but not how i made my first money online lot. But I still believed it could happen. I knew I could reach an income level that was enough to support me, if I worked really hard throughout the year.

My wildest dreams back then. Today, my everyday life. Best decision of my life. The income was steady, and everything was working out smoothly for me. Had a great time, and meet a lot of like minded entrepreneurs. I got surrounded by people sharing the same vision, and we helped each other becoming more successful. Thinking back on that today, I believe that played a big role in my success later on. Next level — time to scale Months pasted by and the business was still growing, not too rapidly, but increasing steadily every month.

I was still working alone, sitting in my underwear in my apartment though. I started to feel like I wanted to get to the next level.

When did you first realize you could start making ‘real money’ online, and with what method?

It wasn't long until I realized I'll need how i made my first money online to help me if I wanted to scale this thing up. I hired my first employee Julyand that was quite exciting. I was living in a huge house so I used the upper floor as an office for us. A step everyone should take as soon as they can, because you learn so much from it.

A while later I employed another person. We moved to a real office.

How to Make Money Online: 28 Real Ways

Now we're 3 people in the business, and also a couple of freelancers working remotely. Things are happening. I had great visions, and I was planning to keep employing people as the income increased. I realized I was a rat, and couldn't enjoy my freedom. That was new for me, and I didn't like it too much. I wanted to go travel spontaneously every now and then, but it seemed it wasn't a good idea with people being dependent on me.

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After all, I had worked very hard to get to where I was, and I didn't want to lose the momentum. But it did feel a bit like my freedom was taken away from me.

That was one of the biggest reasons why I pursued the dream, and it was the vision I've always had in my mind of being successful. Year — The new approach to hiring One of my employees quit, and I fired the other one a time later. Even though it was a bit like I was going backwards, it still felt liberating to have that freedom again. So now I was out traveling the world. But I still realized I couldn't do everything by my own. Today my team consists of about 15 people working on creating great comparison services with more value.

Someday, when I feel like freedom isn't as important to me, I might go back to employing people in-house. Despite the extra weight, there's many benefits to it. That's the end of my story. Year — brief update about today I originally wrote this story I wanted to give you some quick bullet points on how things evolved and are today, as of 30th August We're operating one of the largest financial comparison websites, Financer.

Watch out for scams

The team expanded to 45 people, where 40 are working remotely. We have an office in Cyprus with 5 people. The team consists of intrapreneurs who's having part ownership of their markets. It took 10 years to get here. So how do you start making money online? Quick practical summary Many people have asked me for advice on what the first steps should be when building affiliate websites. There's no such thing as first steps, actually taking any step is the most important. To give you something practical, I've made a quick summary on my own process of starting to make money online: Get your head right from the start.

Have realistic expectations and time frames. Choose a niche, buy a domain, and setup the site.

how i made my first money online

Write content, build links, and market the site on social media. Keep improving the site everyday, make sure it provides value, reinvest everything you make into your business. Get a developer early on. Create something unique that beats the competitors.

how i made my first money online

Scale your business. Update: I have created a free course on how to start making money online from affiliate marketing. Sign up for my affiliate course now. FAQ about making money online Can you make money online without paying anything or investing?

how i made my first money online

Yes, technically you can. There's free web hosting and you can use sub-domains for a start. But I don't recommend it, I honestly would say that it's better to invest up to 50 bucks.

Can you make money online as a teenager? Yea, you definitely can. In fact, my sister made her first sales when she was 12 read story here. Age isn't any limit at all. Even if you're older, don't feel defeated by too much technicals — there's always people you can hire to help you with that if really needed.

Can you start making money online fast? Short answer, no.