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Token code, Assign a Temporary Fixed Tokencode for Online Emergency Access


    Time-Based One-Time Passcodes Some websites and online services let users protect their accounts with a mobile-generated passcode that must be manually entered and only works for a certain amount of time — typically seconds. Duo Mobile can generate these time-based one-time passcodes TOTP for all third-party sites, letting users keep all of their accounts in one app.

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    To generate an SMS passcode, a user logs into an application with their usual account credentials. To use phone callback, simply call any phone number enrolled to a user and let them confirm their identity by answering the call and pressing a key.

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    This feature comes in handy when you need to provide temporary access for a contractor or vendor, or when an employee forgets their laptop or phone but still needs to access their applications. Duo also lets you manually prevent logins.

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    • Password types[ edit ] All tokens contain some secret information that is used to prove identity.
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    If a user loses their authentication device option kg reports it stolen, Duo lets you disable and disassociate the device from the user.

    You can also re-enable the device if found, and send a new activation link for Duo Mobile by SMS or email.

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    • You can give a user temporary emergency access to resources protected by RSA Authentication Manager by sending the user a temporary fixed tokencode.
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    Third-party hardware tokens can be imported into the system by an administrator. They are only available in increments token code Shipping prices are dependent on the destination location.

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    Helena S. Token code Security reserves the right to not ship to additional locations not listed above. If you have questions about shipping tokens to a specific country, please contact your Duo Sales representative or submit a request using this form.

    For security reasons, Duo hardware token orders may not be cancelled, suspended, changed or returned. This includes changes to delivery location or quantity. Hardware tokens cannot be returned except pursuant to warranties.

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    Users just download the Duo Mobile app and are automatically prompted to confirm each login attempt — all it takes is a single tap. Get an in-depth guide to modern phishing tactics and how you can establish user and device trust to protect against the impact of phishing attacks.

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