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Binary options strategy waterfall

I have read in the forum that many of you are very skeptical with the BO, and you are right in many aspects!

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Before you carry on reading and participating in this thread, please read the corresponding section of the School for Binary Options and pay special atention to the Binary Options Vs. I urge you to do this in order to have traders that are instructed on the matter. That being said, I want to share with you a strategy I have been testing and having excellent results with.

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Besides, I would like to start a group of colleagues that are serious about trading and help each others, I think this page is binary options strategy waterfall right place to start! Please, find attached the.

The Waterfall Effect Part 2 - Binary Options Trading Strategies

Of course there are different colors on how to trade it but that comes with the knowledge and experience of each one of us! I will gladly share mine with you but I would like to ask you to please, give me some feed back as well.

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Admins and pro traders I would like your POV too! Remember, only serious traders and people giving ideas, trying to fight the problem rather being the problem!

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Happy trading and best of success!! PS: sorry for any typos or bad English.

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Hi, Thank you very much for the strategy…I will definitely try it out stating from next week. Will give my feedback after few days of trading.

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Thanks again.