75 Jobs With No Experience or Skills ( Sites Added)

Where to make money without work experience, 9 High-Paying Jobs That Require Little or No Experience


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    View more beginner freelance writing jobs here. Transcription Jobs If you are a fast typist, you can find general transcription jobs that you can do from home using your typing skills.

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    Some companies offer general transcription jobs to people without prior transcription experience. Instead, you will most likely have to pass their transcription and typing tests. General transcription jobs require you to listen to audio files of personal conversations, college lectures, business meetings, etc, and then transcribing them into text files for the targeted audience to understand easily.

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    At first, doing general transcription jobs can be really intimidating for beginners but as you get used to it over time, you will get better at doing them. View companies and sites offering transcription jobs without prior experience here.

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    Translation Jobs If you speak more than one language fluently, you can offer translation services to companies and individuals worldwide. As a translator you convert a written document from the source language into the targeted language, ensuring that the meaning of the translated version conveys the meaning of the source language. You can do a variety of translating jobs such as book translating jobs, medical interpreting jobs, speech interpreting jobs, business information, and publication translating jobs, and much more.

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    You can find translation jobs on freelance sites, working for translation agencies, or contacting clients directly. Here are a few sites and companies that offer translation jobs:.

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