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Recharge crypto, replenish fait currencies instantly. Let's talk about functionality: Wallets.

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View your total account balance in different currencies. Send currency to users with zero fees by using "PrizmBit codes". P2P exchange. Buy and sell cryptocurrency directly, without intermediaries.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange. Use a wide range of exchange tools inside your application: view charts, rates history, statistics.

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Top-up, place orders, trade and increase balance of your wallets. Spend more. There are 3 factors that influence your yield: 1.

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The number of coins in your personal Prizm wallet 2. The network operates by PoS proof of stake algorithm.

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New coins mining called Paramining. The speed of mining new coins depends on the number of coins in the wallet - the more coins you have, the higher the rate of paramining, the higher your profitability.

Buy Bitcoin with QIWI quickly and safely

Paratax is a linear increase in the difficulty of creating coins, expressed as a percentage bitcoin where to earn qiwi the number of coins already mined by all users. The higher the percentage of Paratax, the more difficult it is to get new coins.

Referral system Using the affiliate program, you can earn together with us, starting to receive rewards in the form of part or full profits from the exchange trading commission of your invited users.

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We have worked a lot to give You the most convenient, understandable and secure way to experience the world of cryptocurrencies. But we are not going to stop and will continue developing and making great products.

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