10 Ways For Students To Earn Money

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There are a few ways you can make money alongside your studies, most of them involving a part-time job. But who wants to spend their precious evenings pulling pints when they could be drinking them?

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Be aware that the more long-term methods may require more work, but they also have the most earning potential. Make Money Fast 1.

How to Make Money as a Student (Without a Part Time Job)

Good items to sell include clothing clean and not too worn ; old textbooks; shoes; vinyls; comics; figurines particularly if they are unopened or rareand any old cameras, TVs or computer monitors you no longer use though this might be a push. How to successfully sell your stuff on eBay: 1. Think first about what you will sell. Make sure the items are in good condition. If they are broken or worn they will usually be no good — though you can probably still sell electronic items for parts at a cheap price.

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It always helps to have an already established account as it will help buyers have more trust in you. Do some research on the price of your product before listing. Most bids for a specific item end around the same price. Write a full description of your product and a clear, detailed title if possible. It may be helpful to see what other people search for when looking for that product and get those extra keywords in.

Always, always add a photo! Take your photo on a clean, white background if possible, with minimum distractions, and from different angles. If you do want to show more pictures, free graphic-creating apps like Canva will allow you to make a montage of four pics for the price of one!

Try to post your listing on a Sunday afternoon, which is said to be the best time for eBayers. This gives added credibility to your listing. Always offer the option to pay by PayPal, as this can be really important for many buyers. Consistently good ratings will improve your reputation as a seller and further improve your chances of a sale.

Get paid for doing tasks via Field Agent Field Agent is a money-making mobile app that pays its users for carrying out small, data-collecting tasks. For example, it may be taking a picture of a product in your local supermarket, visiting the local pub or completing a short survey.

How to make money with Field Agent: 1. Complete your profile by answering the first few questions presented on-screen. Browse the map or view the job listings to see what tasks are available near you.

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Tasks are given on a first-come, first-served basis, so get in there quick! Once completed, submit your response for verification and get paid securely. If you have a car, use it!

There may not always be tasks immediately nearby but you can often pick up a few more whilst driving around. And this could knock a bit off your food shop! Sign up to a few other similar apps and the pounds will soon start to add up.

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Try Roamler and Task Offer your services on Fiverr If you need a few quid in a short space of time, you can consider offering your services on Fiverr. How to maximise income from Fiverr: 1. Think about a service you can offer that not many other people do.

If there are already lots of people offering a similar thing, think about how you can make it different or unique. What can how to make money i am a student offer than nobody else can? Think about a product or service you can create once and sell to multiple clients. For example it could be a book, report, meal or workout plan.

Although a customised service may warrant a higher price, selling a proven resource to different clients can maximise sales for less work. When setting up your Fiverr account, be sure to add as much detail as you can, such as relevant expertise or experience.

Add an attractive thumbnail to your job listing. A professional looking photo or graphic will always help to sway people over an amateur-looking one. Grab a photography friend or do it yourself. Try creating a title picture using Canva. Try to offer your buyers an attractive turnaround time — people on Fiverr usually want things quick. Feel free to add an extra charge for delivering things faster than the norm; e.

Social media shout-outs are always popular, so if you have a large following on Instagram, Twitter or SnapChat, consider offering this option. However, most university studies will be happy to pay expenses as well as the going rate for taking part.

Check your internal uni emails for mentions about students needing volunteers.

Most often these go unread but they harbour essential money-making opportunities! Get in touch with your Psychology department to see how you can find out about regular studies. Some may have certain criteria for the study to work effectively. You may also be able to choose the time at which you take part, but other studies may require you to attend at a specific time and place.

Sites like slicethepie. How to make money through slicethepie: 1. Answer a quick few questions to give a better overview of your situation as a consumer. Reviews are quick and easy, meaning you can easily complete a few in a day.

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Sometimes, there will be bonus cash to earn under a given category. They require more work than the previous ideas mentioned above, but the eventual payoff will be worth it if you do them right. It may require more time and dedication, but alongside your studies it can be extremely manageable, bring you decent income and even help towards getting employment in the future.

You can tutor a subject you study, another skill or even just help an international student with their written English. There are a few ways you can find tutoring work — through your uni, through a private tutoring centre or online.

10 genuine ways to make money and reduce your student debt

How to become a tutor: 1. They will be able to point you in the right direction as every uni will have its own system. This will include your skills, any previous tutoring experience, your availability and maybe a reference from one of your own tutors or lecturers. Private tutoring centres offer job security and pay very well, but they can also be competitive.

You can also apply to tutor people online, with sites such as MyTutor.

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But it can be a great way to see how a finished production comes together and do some really good networking. How to earn money as an extra: 1.

Take Graduation Pictures. Build a portfolio ask your friends if they would like a free photoshoot in exchange for you using the pictures! You can do that by creating an Instagram account as a portfolio and start taking it as a business, or build a professional portfolio for minimal money with a website builder again, I can recommend wix. I built my photography portfolio with Wix.

First, register yourself with a local extra agency. This includes uploading a headshot photo and your essential profile, such as height, hair colour, eye colour etc.

10 Ways For Students To Earn Money

You might also be required to upload a full-length shot too, 3. Some extra agencies charge a joining fee on the promise they will find you work.

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This is normal, but check first that they service enough productions in your area to help you find work. Jobs come on a first-come, first-served basis and someone else may replace you. It may be short notice, but again, this is normal for show-biz. Most blogs earn their keep by first building up a reliable reputation as an authority source.

How to make money from blogging: 1. Affiliate links.

15+ Creative Ways to Make Money as a Student

Not bad! Some companies may run their own affiliate programmes, but you can use sites like Affiliate Window, Skimlinks and of course Amazon Affiliates to find and place the affiliate links you want.

Through the power of technology, lateral thinking and good old-fashioned elbow grease you can add some cash to your coffers and reduce your debt without the need to get a part time job.

As well as text links, you can also place affiliate images, banners or sidebar ads on your blog, which gain you a commission when somebody purchases through them. These can be placed on your blog in a number of ways.

100+ Real And Honest Ways To Make Money In College

Or you can place the ad yourself, by liaising directly with a specific company. Sponsored posts. This is where a company or brand pay you money to promote a product on your blog, usually in the form of a post. If you do choose to do sponsored how to make money i am a student, make sure you only promote products you would genuinely buy and use.

Otherwise you are misleading your readers All links within a sponsored post should also be no-followed, for SEO reasons. You can read more about no-follow links here.

Every Student Can Earn Money Online: Here’s How (But Beware Of Scams)

Have you tried any of these money-making methods? Let us know in the comments below! Our student accommodation bedspaces at Shaw Street, City Point and The Bridewell has been designed with the modern student in mind and accommodates for all their needs and requirements.