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Staying with his father and living in Agoura Hills, however, Alec has built himself a huge reputation of being kind and trustworthy. His straight As in school give him a greater bonus.

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Despite having tons binary options strategy for an hour schoolwork to do, since he skipped a year or two and is going to graduate from high school soon, Alec is hardworking and has to juggle part-time jobs to earn his own pocket money.

Now, he could have dreamed of getting a decent office job, being that poor and living in a small town maybe nobody else knew about, but instead he dreamed of being an actor.

Part of the drama and movie clubs in his school, Alec is well equipped with acting skills and a couple of offstage skills as well. Even though he doesn't have many branded or fashionable clothes, Alec manages to come off very presentable, with his clothes advanced rp how to make a lot of money least matching in color and looking like a fine fashion statement.

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Back in his little town, he's usually regarded as a trendsetter of sorts, even if he actually wears a few of his clothes twice in the same week because he has no other. To the girls in his high school, all of that is quite impressive indeed, but to the boys who are his friends, it's pretty much a joke.

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Most of them plan to be football or basketball stars, so they are very tall and muscular but Alec stands out. He's nearly the shortest of the boys in all his classes, and obviously doesn't have the muscles to be a athlete of any sort.

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Except fencing and cycling, Alec manages to pull those off very well. But putting aside his clothes and size, Alec is really just an ordinary kid in appearance. In his town, everybody has dark brown hair the color of his, leaving out the occasional blonde.

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Alec's eyes aren't very marvelous either, they're a shade of dull, pale green which nobody would actually notice. Most think his eyes are grey when they don't pay enough attention. Alec knows that very well, so he relies on other things to impress others upon first glance.

Alright, so, this will be my first guide right here and if something is wrong please say it so i can change it. First things first i will talk about roleplay in general.

With his hardwork, comes experience. He knows how to cook different types of food, from small snacks to dinner dishes, and how to do most housework, like cleaning the windows and mopping and doing the laundry, and how to memorize long lists and people, thanks to his days being a part-time waiter and practicing lines for school plays.

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And it must be a miracle, because while he juggles schoolwork with house chores and part-time jobs, he manages to ace his tests and study in a scholarship program. But it isn't his hardworking, or intelligent or experienced personality that makes most people love him.

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It's his kind heart. As a young toddler, Alec was happy living in their apartment, roaming the corridors with hero figurines and playing with the two dogs his family owned, Sarine and Zack.

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He had a loving relationship with both his parents and never doubted for one second that life would only get better. And to him, it did. When he was five, his mother got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy, whose name was Isaac Timothy Jones. Isaac was unlike Alec, with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Alec, not understanding that this was actually a big problem in his family, loved Isaac and took him in as his little brother willingly.

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Except that his father advanced rp how to make a lot of money disapproved of it. Deep into the night, when his parents thought he wouldn't be awake to hear, they argued and yelled and even hit each other.

It terrified Alec, and he had no idea what was wrong. So, when his father left for work every day in the morning, he would sit beside his crying mother and try to comfort her the best he could.

There, he put aside his worries about his parents and tried hard to be an ordinary child. Back at home, his parents would shift between ignoring each other or yelling and arguing so hard they hit each other and Alec's mother would be reduced to a sobbing heap.

It really scared Alec, but he couldn't do anything when he was so small, so he just kept to himself and tried hard not to cause trouble for anybody.

In school, Alec worked extremely hard for a seven year old and almost always scored full marks for every piece of work he did. And while it hurt him to see that his other classmates didn't like him and mocked him for being the teacher's pet, he continued working on to impress his parents, and maybe stop their arguments. But it didn't work.

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His father would sign the papers and say "good job, son", but the shouts and the silence would still drag on. Finally, when Alec was in Second Grade, he gave up working so hard and took some time off to hang out with his classmates. Of course he found it fun. That year he'd made many friends, Tiffany Capiana included, and he loved school more than ever.

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He never wanted to go home. But he had to. His father would never sleep with his mother again and his father would completely ignore Isaac, even if the toddler was hungry and crying.

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His mother got a job just so she could leave the house and come back extremely late, and she looked like the life had been drained out of her.

Isaac, being only five, still didn't understand, so Alec had to take responsibility of him and teach him how to stay quiet when he needed to.

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And that was how the family functioned. Everybody kept to themselves and tried not to cause trouble for anyone else. Alec was really good at that. He learned to be happy and loud among his friends and then become completely silent at home. But when Alec turned ten, his father finally stood up and did something. He divorced with Alec's mother. It horrified Alec, even if he was kind of expecting it. He was ten. A ten-year-old who just wanted a happy family, and now his father wanted them to split.

But it wasn't only his father. His mother agreed in seconds, and she told Alec that it was for the best. And it was for the best. So Alec was in the custody of his father and Isaac in his mother's.

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He was hoping that he could stay in Liberty where all his other friends were, but his father shook his head, packed his things and dragged him out for a long road trip.

Alec was expecting the trip to be long and silent, but after six hours in the car, his father spoke. His father explained everything to him, why he and Alec's mother argued so hard for months and then began to ignore each other.