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How to make real money on the internet birdies

how to make real money on the internet birdies

Can I teach classes online and in person? Zoom is free and you can start earning money from home by promoting your online classes to your network of friends and family so they enroll and learn with you weekly. What are all the fees I need to pay? No physical materials are provided. All fees are charged in USD. How much can I charge for my classes? You set the fee that is competitive for your geographical region.


Online classes can be one fee and in person classes can be a different fee. You can pro-rate your classes if people want to join after your start date as long as they pay for the monthly materials fee. How much money can I make? It depends how hard you want to hustle! It can be more based on your commitment of time and focus to build your business.

how to make real money on the internet birdies

Do the parents receive any home materials and how much do they cost? They receive: Monthly bilingual e-books An original music album download with song lyrics every weeks Monthly vocabulary sheets A plush mini birdie puppet; Every season the puppet changes so families can collect them all!

The school pays this fee.

how to make real money on the internet birdies

No physical materials are provided to parents. How many weeks in each semester?

how to make real money on the internet birdies

You can choose to offer week semesters or 8-week semesters. This means in one year you can complete three week semesters we suggest Sept-Dec, Jan-April, May-Aug or you can offer six 8-week semesters.

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What are the major risk management options to becoming a Business Owner or a Teacher? Offering Bilingual Birdies in your area is so much fun! You get to share your language and culture which is an extremely empowering option use price You also benefit from the joy of working with children, which is one of the most incredible populations in the world.

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Little kids make you laugh and because of the engaging methodology we use they truly enjoy learning, which makes you feel happy at the end of every class. You can be your own boss!

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How many minutes is each class experience? Caregiver-and-child classes are 45 minutes long. Preschool partnership classes are 30 minutes long and can be adjusted to be shorter for infant and toddler classrooms if requested by a school.

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The classes generally meet once per week and can be done twice per week if a school requests it. How fluent do I have to be in the language I want to teach? You need to be conversational in the language you want to teach. You do not need to be a native speaker.

The classes are for children up to age six. Our training shows you have to adapt the classes to be age-appropriate and engage various ages at the same time.

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What should I know before filling out the application? Our licensing opportunity has a one year commitment. After 12 months you can terminate your license at any time. Some common questions that we can answer for you so that your application process moves quickly are: What is a DBA?

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You are required to register a how to make real money on the internet birdies under any name you want that is not associted with Bilingual Birdies. Why do you need my photo? In the application we ask for a professional headshot with good lighting in front of a solid color wall so that we can use that picture when we create your website. Which user should I select? This enables you the ability to hire teachers later should you decide to do that.


Teachers are required to be invited. What is the teacher hiring process? A teacher cannot apply on their own without being invited.

how to make real money on the internet birdies

I want to do this but not sure if I'm ideal for it. What if I'm not bilingual? Do I have to be a musician? What if I don't have teaching experience? That way you can work as a team while you focus on building the business, and your bilingual teacher can master teaching the classes.

You do not need to be a musician to be a Business Owner or a teacher. All teachers should be musical but playing an instrument is not a requirement.