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    Suffice it to say, then, that an investor would be wise to consider not only the obvious innovators of these products Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, et al.

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    It has come to have a wide variety of applications, the most obvious one being the use of smartphone apps to perform various household tasks, like controlling the thermostat, operating a security system or opening and closing garage doors. The IoT is particularly prominent in infrastructure and finance.

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    Also of interest is the evolution of customer service. One bank, Westpac Australia, has gone so far as to install beacons that render a personal greeting when a customer approaches or enters one of their facilities, and offers products based on user history.

    Timothy Green Updated: Jan. Everyday objects such as light bulbs, TVs, major appliances, and even doorbells are increasingly featuring internet connectivity.

    One expert, Financial Services Club chairman, Chris Skinner, is reported as saying that in his estimation the day is fast approaching when the top financial institutions from around the world create the Internet of Value, a virtual environment featuring bitcoin-based trading. As mentioned, the IoT figures to grow in other ways — ways we can only begin to discern.

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    Consider Apple, which among other things has seen the Apple Watch overtake the Fitbit as the foremost wearable. Consider Intel, which has a multi-faceted approach which includes producing autonomous devices and adding sensors to unconnected devices.

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    Industrial IoT Also investments in the Internet are companies such as General Electric, which has done well in this space by equipping appliances with smart technology. Consider it all, because the IoT, with its ubiquity and exponential growth rate, has just as much to offer investors as it does consumers.

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    Weisberg, who previously spent a significant amount of time in the telecom, media and technology TMT industries, is now focused on a more diversified approach which includes investments in cyber security, oil and gas, app development and distilled spirits. One of his personal mottos is to trust your gut … always.

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