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Conclusions 1. Examples of Excellent Forums Here are several forums that I visit almost daily and interact with other members. Categories on the forum are laid out with new categories on top. Within each category is a sub-forum where the topics are broken down even further. There are millions of threads and posts on this site.

One of the things that Warrior Forum does that keeps people coming back is to have experts offering tips, streaming advice, and answering questions. Right now, there are over 1, registered members and over 8, posts. In AprilFreelancer. Excellent Forums: WarriorForum. The board is essentially a forum. The forum is set up to make a profit. Those who are looking for an employee can pay a small fee to post their jobs. However, the boards are free to job seekers.

This is a model similar to what some of the resume sites offer, such as Monster.

  1. How to Blacklist a URL Free open source-powered forums driven by applications such as phpBB, vBulletan and IceBB can become moneymakers through one of three possible sources for revenue: advertising, membership or sponsorship.
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Excellent Forums: ProBlogger Jobs 1. At the moment of writing, there are almost 34, registered members and overmessages posted. Excellent Forums: TopGoldForum.

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How to start a forum In the following section, I will describe how to start and promote a discussion forum. In my opinion, a forum should be an addition to your website and not a standalone site. So if you already have a blog or a website, add a forum, or just start it, make sure you add a section with articles, guides, or tools to the forum.

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You can grow an active member base. A simple way to quickly answer reader questions or respond to many readers at one time. You create a way for your members to interact with each other. You get fresh content generated by your members. Several disadvantages of adding a forum to your site: You need some substantial traffic, or your forum will remain quiet without any posts.

If your forum becomes popular, your traffic could spike during hot topic discussions and use a lot of bandwidth.

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That brings me to my next point: 2. Understand How Communities Work Let me ask you: Do you still visit every website you were once a loyal fan of? Chances are you have moved on at this point, even if the websites are always great. This means that obtaining some forum subscribers will never be enough.

By the time you double that amount or even triple itmany previous users will have moved to other places. Think, for instance, on a forum for quit smoking or getting over a divorce.

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The members will be active for a year or more, but they will move on with their life when the issue is solved. However, there will still be several members that will remain loyal because they got friends or simply want to help others getting over their problems.

Also, new members will sign up every day because they want help with their issues. But, new members will sign how and where to make money discussions every day because they want help with their issues.

This, too, brings me to my next point. People who sign up to a relatively empty forum are unlikely to start a conversation. But how do you get the ball rolling if you need people to interact?

In my opinion, it is best to hit the ground running by: Inviting you to participate: You have more connections than you realize. Just look into your How to invest in bitcoin price profile, or politely ask your friends to help out.

Posted on April 19, December 23, Are forums dead in ? Can forums make a significant amount of money? Is it even possible to make money with forum sites in ? I get requests to become an admin for forums from many of my clients and on my blog.

Offer an incentive, if you must. Hiring someone or ask for volunteers: If you have little to no money, places like Craigslist allow you to place unpaid gig listings. Staying active: Getting the forum off the ground also means being there to answer questions and starting new topics every day, especially toward the beginning.

So for an hour or two every day, check your forum and answer questions from members, delete spam and post engaging content or ask questions that encourage your members to engage. Offer incentives and organize contests.

When you have very few members is crucial to encourage people to register and make posts. I got good results by offering incentives for registering money, amazon cards, trophies, the member of the month contest, etc.

How to Make Money As a Forum Owner in - IMTips

Will you have fewer signups? However, keep in mind that you should choose a niche you are familiar with or passionate about. It will be funny if you will receive questions from your members and you will not know the answer, and you will have to search Google every day. Thankfully, researching a niche has become easier over the years, thanks to the vast amount of online communities available.

Here are the ones I recommend most: Places to Research Forum Topics Reddit: Browse through the thousands of subreddits and see how many years they have existed for, how many subscribers they have, and pay attention to their level of interaction.

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Facebook and Linkedin Groups Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Similar: Look into new, trending, and all-time popular questions on these websites. What questions keep consistently popping up? What do you think you can offer to your members if you were to start a forum based on said topic? Google trends: Set up email alerts about your chosen topic on Google trends. You can turn virtually any trend into a forum topic by asking questions about it.

This is a goldmine. You can use Google Alerts to set up notices for your niche. Browse similar forums: What subjects are they covering? What are they missing? How are those members treated there? Can you bring something new to the table, or at least improve upon their existing methods?

You should not try to simply mirror an existing forum unless you have a lot of money and time to overcome it.

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Otherwise, it is going to be a lost battle from the beginning. Make sure your forum has something how and where to make money discussions that will make visitors choose it instead of competition. Some domain names are more expensive than others.

A different path is to buy an already registered domain.

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I do this for multiple reasons. Just to name several: Most of the great names are already taken by competition or domain brokers. Try to stick with COMs.

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Old domains have SEO power and will pro-pulsate faster at the top of search engines. Old domains may have a easy earnings on the Internet without investments chunk of traffic that will help you build your community faster.

I use Godaddy auctions to find quality domains at a reasonable price. Godaddy Auctions If possible, your domain name should match the name and topic of your forum.

Think of some words and phrases related to your niche and your perspective on it. Generally speaking, single-word titles especially those related to popular fields are more likely to have been purchased by a domain investor and to cost extra money to obtain. You can find an available domain name related to your niche with a little creativity and is more quirky and memorable. Also, get details on the costs involved in upgrading should your forum become popular.

The good news is that there are many forum scripts you can use, both free and paid.