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False breakout patterns are one of the most important price action trading patterns to learn, because a false-break is often a very strong clue that price might be changing direction or that a trend might be resuming soon. Here are two clear examples of false breakouts above and below key levels. Note that false breakouts can take different forms.

  • Most traders view false breakouts as a bad thing, a market phenomenon that cuts into their profits or increases their losses.
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Professional traders watch for these missteps by the amateurs, and the end result is a very good entry for them with a tight stop loss and huge risk reward potential. The important thing, is to know what they look like and how to trade them, which we will discuss false signals in binary options How to trade false breakout patterns False breaks occur in all market conditions; trending, consolidating, counter-trend, but perhaps the best way to trade them is in-line with a dominant daily chart trend, like we see in the chart below.

Note, in the chart below, we had a clear downtrend in place and multiple false breakouts to the upside within that trend.

false signals in binary options

Amateur traders love to try and pick the bottom in a downtrend or the top in an uptrend, and this can cause false breakouts against the trend like we see below. On each of these false-breaks in the chart below, it was likely that amateur traders thought the downtrend was over and so they started buying, once this buying started the professionals came back in and took advantage of the temporary strength within the down-trending market and entered short from value, and then the downtrend resumed, flushing out all those amateur traders who tried picking the bottom.

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The chart below shows examples of false breakouts within a down-trending market. Note that each one led to a resumption of the trend… False-breaks are prevalent in trading ranges because traders often try to pick the breakout of the range but usually price stays range-bound for longer than most assume.

false signals in binary options

Knowing that false-breaks are somewhat common when a market is struck in a trading range is a very valuable piece of information for a price action trader. Trading a range-bound market can be very lucrative as you can wait for price action signals at the support or resistance boundary of the range to trade back toward the other side of the range. In the chart below, we can see how a price action trader can use a false breakout pin bar signal to trade a false breakout of a trading range.

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The two false-breaks of support in the chart below were both potential buy signals for a savvy price action trader… False breakout patterns can sometimes signal the beginning of a new trend, and the end of the current one. In the chart example below, we can see a key resistance level that held price on two tests, then on the third test, price created a large false-break pin bar strategy that signaled a potential down move was coming.

As we can see in this chart, not only did the false breakout signal a down move, but it kicked off an entire downtrend… False Breakout Pattern Trading Tips False breakouts occur in trending markets, range-bound markets and against the trend.

false signals in binary options

Watch for them in all market conditions as they often give strong clues as to impending market direction. Learn to false signals in binary options and trade false breakout patterns and trading will take on a different light for you.

For more information on false breakout patterns and price action trading click here Price Action Strategies.