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Natalia-Silvia Asimopolos1 Dr. Laurentiu Asimopolos2 MSc. Bogdan Balea3 PhD. Based on data processing are calculated the gradients of each component, as well as, spectral, statistical and correlation analyzes.

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All of these parameters are part of the geomagnetic database. Web interface for the database meet the different handling needs of collected, raw or processed data.


The server-side programming language used for design is php. This allow us to select different periods for which access to stored data, required for different search filters and different parameters or data from different time periods can be compared. For a more in-depth analysis of the stored data, through JavaScript programming language can be draw graphs for different parameters.

Access to the web interface can be done with or without authentication, depending on the need to ensure the security of certain data collected, stored and processed.

The signals for binary options fnmax is scalable for different devices that will access it: mobile, tablets, laptops, or desktops.

The new stage of this fundamental research, largely applicable in various fields, is also marked by the simultaneous observation of space-time distribution of terrestrial electromagnetic field by means of stations set on satellites circling on orbits around the Earth. Data regarding geomagnetic field all over Romanian territory will be revaluated, along with rendering evident some peculiarities of very long-term variations, which require long time series, operation possible only in a few observatories with a longer and continuous activity [3].

We should mention that out of the observatories and fundamental stations forming current world net for monitoring terrestrial geomagnetic field, only 50 stations SNGO included can on which site can you make money video complete time series comprising seven solar activity cycles [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8].

Inthe foundation of SNGO marks the beginning of a new era in the systematic study of geomagnetic field by a continuous registration of its variations and by carrying out standard absolute measurements in a fundamental station.

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Observatory location was thoroughly established, so that meets the geomorphological and technological criteria. The Observatory covers an area of 3.

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These buildings were made during The underground laboratory and the main buildings were renovated and modernized in [3]. The design of the special geomagnetic recording laboratories was made after some well verified. Inside laboratories were built 18 specially designed pillars embedded deep in the ground, which are mounted high-resolution sensors.

These distributions are obtained by repeated measurements in a network of points evenly distributed across the country. Determined values are used to obtain the secular variation of the normal geomagnetic field and binding of magnetic maps made in different times; - contribution to establish periodic coefficients of the IGRF International Geomagnetic Reference Field in the IAGA with shaping local peculiarities reported in our country.

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Permanent recordings made on SNGO or in stations temporarily installed in Romania are useful to eliminate variations with external causes, leading to application of corrections to the magnetometry survey in order to increase their accuracy because when signals for binary options fnmax measured weak geomagnetic effects, these cuts are absolutely necessary for accurate localization of abnormalities of economic interest.

For implementation, the solution was chosen as each group to run on a separate server. Modernization of the network infrastructure has been carried out so that it can provide all the services necessary for the exploitation figure 3 and 4.

The software package consists of the following components: - SQLServer.

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VI on the database server is designed to transmit measured values in two ways: 1 upon request, to applications installed on computers of different users; users can log in with a username and password to access the data stored on the database server; 2 Automatically, periodically e. Client VI, with multiple installations on different users' computers, has the role of allowing them to create on their own computers text files containing measured values retrieved from the database server figure 3 and 4 ; This allows the user to select the start and end moments of the time period for which the SQL Server VI, application will be requested, copy the measured values; The user can specify, where appropriate, the path and file name in which the measured measurement values transmitted by the SQL Server VI application are saved; - Web Server VI is installed on the Web server and receives the measured values, periodically transmitted by SQL Server VI and will save them in text files; The files are daily, the file name is DD-MM-YY, and the files within a month will be stored in the same folder, the monthly folder name being MM-YY.

These software applications respect the SNGO internal network and public network connections, thus centralizing data acquisition and online transmission on Web Server. Values and obtaining provisional data files, establishing the base level of records as well as adopting the what does house make 2 level and making definitive data.

This infrastructure and organizing of database from SNGO allow us to monitoring and make all processing procedures of data according to geomagnetic observatories reequipments. Depending on the predictability of the evolution over time, these signals cannot be considered deterministic signals with predictable evolution.

Simple deterministic signals can be fully specified by a small number of parameters amplitude, frequency, and phase. The geomagnetic signals acquired can be considered as random signals, with a predictable evolution only in a probabilistic sense [9], [10].

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The statistical dimensions for characterization of the localization and dispersion of a random variable are: mean value, variance, and quadratic mean value. A stochastic process results from the variation in time of a random size, i.

The main statistical parameters of a stochastic process are: average value, dispersion variancemean square value, autocorrelation function and autocovariance function.

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Unlike the statistical parameters of random variables, which are numbers, the statistical parameters of stochastic processes are time functions. Additional statistical parameters, able to characterize the internal structure of the process, are the function of autocorrelation and the function of autocovariance. These parameters characterize, from a numerical point of view, the degree of dependence between process values that are at different time intervals.

The functions of autocorrelation and autocovariance are deterministic. One of the most used methods for determining the characteristics of a signal and evaluating its informational content is to analyse the spectrum of the signal. For a deterministic process defined by a given signal, a signal decomposition can occur in a large number of harmonic signals of various frequencies and amplitudes. Modern approaches to spectral analysis are designed to overcome some of the deformations produced by classical methods and are quite effective especially for short analysis segments.

Files obtained in this way are processed with an application that converts them from daily text files into monthly binary files containing the minute averages of recorded signals for binary options fnmax corrected components. The final data set delivered to Geomagnetic Information Node GIN at the beginning of the year following the one for which they are calculated will contain 12 monthly binary files with geomagnetic components and magnetic activity indices for each month, a geomagnetic field component annual file, a file with the signals for binary options fnmax and calculated values for geomagnetic field records and a readme file containing data on the recording technique, the absolute measurements used in the observatory and the personnel carrying out these works.

Table of contents

From any of these three components, the four other components can easily be calculated by simple trigonometric relationships. The geomagnetic data processing steps include correcting the values of the components of the geomagnetic field purchased with the vector magnetometer by adding the base values of each component to the values acquired by the flux-gate magnetometer.

Then calculate the minute-averaged values of the corrected components daily trade binary option reviews the provisional baseline value and the baseline by interpolation with a third-order polynomial function of the absolute measurement values. Another step is to determine the ramps and spikes recorded and to remove them from the dataset or to replace them with data from the second acquisition system.

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All modern techniques implemented in the SNGO processing module attempt to make advantage of any known information about geomagnetic signals for the good characterization of the geomagnetic field. The web interface for the database The interface will meet different handling needs of collected, raw or processed data. This will allow us to select different periods for which access to stored data will be required, different search filters based on different parametersor data from different time periods.

For a more in-depth analysis of the stored data, javascript will draw graphs for different parameters. Petersburg keeps a numerous of paleontological collections and materials on stratigraphy and historical geology.

The story of its accumulation started at the first half of XIX century with the beginning of the earliest geological study of the European part of Russia including the Russian journey of R. The museum paleontological and stratigraphical fond includes the collections of scientific expeditions, personal geological excursions of scientists, acquisitions of the buying or exchange from abroad, collections, the study of which have not been published by the authors.

This application claims the benefit of U.

Among the authors of the collections are some world-known paleontologists and geologists like Ch. Pander, A. Keyserling, G. Helmersen, K. Eichwald et al. It is obvious that the greatest value have collections containing originals to books and articles on paleontology.

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These materials are well known among paleontologists thanks to Museum catalogues and references to samples in publications. However, most of the paleontological collections, numbering more than one hundred thousand samples, is unknown and is not in demand among specialists.

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Attribution and cataloguing of these collections requires a comprehensive analysis of their structure, including the definition of criteria for assessing their scientific or educational significance. Experience with paleontological collections in the Mining Museum has shown that the following criteria determine the greatest scientific value of the collections.

First: the origin from the classical sections described in the geological literature, which may be stratotypes or be in stratotypic areas.

These samples can serve as a reference in the study of paleontological species, first described by the materials from these sections, if necessary, among them can be selected neotypus. Secondly, the value of the collection can be determined by its origin from the lost sections. The study of such materials allows to learn about the stratigraphic interval and faunistic characteristics of these deposits, which is especially important in the case of unique locations for the study area.

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Third: collections from hardly accessible regions. These are materials from areas where special paleontological and stratigraphic studies are not currently being carried out and which are difficult for specialists to visit for geographical or political reasons. Fourth: the value of paleontological collections may increase depending on how fully they characterize a particular geological formation or geological region in which a number of formations are developed. From this point of view, the most valuable are the materials of long-term systematic studies.

Signals for binary options fnmax proposed article considers the examples of the collections of the Mining Museum in Saint-Petersburg the most interesting from the point of view of all of the proposed criteria or their combinations. Keywords: paleontological collections, natural-science paleontological museum, Mining Museum, geological heritage. The Museum has a long history and keeps numerous samples of very different taxonomic composition, geological age and geographical origin.

These facts result in a number of difficulties relating to the attribution, systematization and cataloguing of these collections.