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Mobile internet usage is rising while desktop internet usage continues to fall.

Mary Meeker According to the Mary Meeker report, the number of hours spent on the internet continues to increase every year, but the split between desktop and mobile is becoming more and more pronounced. InAmericans were spending 3.

This speaks to the importance of companies not only optimizing their websites for mobile, but creating custom, responsive apps too. There are currently more than 2. Statista As of Junethere were 2.

That's why different platforms such as Airtel Zero and Facebook's Free Basics triggered such a debate about net neutrality, and why zero rating or making sites free to access can be bad for the users. It's been over a year since this debate really kicked off in India and the issues are still developing, but there are a number of apps on the market that are offering users free data, without any exclusivity or limitations. All these apps are for prepaid users. Here's what we found: 1 Gigato Probably one of the best known apps in the category, Gigato has been around for a while and allows users to "earn" data on the app, which can then be redeemed from your carrier.

There are nearly 4. Statista As of Julythere were 4. According to Statista, there is one gaming app available on iOS for every four non-gaming apps. On average, more thannew Android apps are released in the Google Play Store every month. Statista While there are fewer Android apps live on the market today, new Android apps are being published at a rate three times greater than iOS apps see next statwith more thannew apps being released each month.

How Do Internet Companies Profit With Free Services?

Sometimes it makes more sense to cater to the numbers, but not always. We often see businesses choosing to build for both platforms. Consumers downloaded billion apps in —and that number continues to climb. App Annie The number of mobile app downloads each year has been steadily increasing. Inthere were billion app downloads worldwide excluding re-installs and app updates.

The average number of apps being downloaded in the U. Comscore Though global download growth and the amount of time spent in mobile apps are both steadily rising, download growth in the United States is levelling off as shown by App Annie data above.

5 Net Neutral Apps That Give You Free Mobile Internet Data

A report by Comscore further supports this trend: In one quarter oftwo-thirds of smartphone users in the U. Most users have more than 10 apps installed on their phones. Statista In a survey conducted toward the end ofnearly three-fourths of respondents said that they have at least 11 apps downloaded on their phones not including pre-installed apps.

So while new apps are not downloaded very often, the average user still has a decent number of apps already vying for their attention. Downloads, however, are a pretty weak metric for success. CleverTap How often do you purge your phone of previously installed mobile apps? Many users do, primarily because those apps are not being used. Among the other top reasons for uninstalling: not enough space on their phone, excessive advertising, and excessive notifications.

As CleverTap points out, all of these responses speak to one thing: a earnings from mobile internet user experience.

earnings from mobile internet

Functionality is everything, and poor UX can guarantee the failure of your app. Google owns the majority of the mobile apps on the market today. Google is creating apps to improve the experience of users and strengthen their connection to the brand.

Facebook Messenger is the top mobile app worldwide by download, and WhatsApp is the top mobile app worldwide by monthly active users. App Annie Google may own the most apps on earnings from mobile internet market, but Facebook ultimately wins with 4 out of the 5 most downloaded and most used apps.

Also interesting to note is that all the apps in the top 5 are social or communication apps. This aligns with findings about the most popular app categories more on that below. Statista Of all the mobile apps in the Apple App Store, the most popular category for developers is gaming apps.

earnings from mobile internet

Statista does not specify whether or not pre-installed apps are included in their data. As App Annie reports, the lines are beginning to blur between social apps and entertainment apps as new generations turn to them for similar purposes.

earnings from mobile internet

Music apps are launched more daily than any other category of app. Statista While users spend most of their time in social and communications apps, they frequent their music apps more than any other app type—launching them nearly 3 times per day, on average.

This is a little hard to believe, considering how often users seem to log into Facebook, Instagram, their texting apps, and self- employed trading email, on a daily basis.

If your app targets these groups, understanding what makes them tick will help you persuade them to adopt your app.

Mobile App Advertising Rates (2018)

The Manifest On a daily basis, millennials open their mobile apps more than any generation prior. Are you one of them? Younger generations today are tech savvy and always on their phones. Build a great app, build their trust and loyalty, and they will come back time and again.

ComScore As ComScore points out, smartphone users between the ages of 13 and 24 are the heaviest mobile app users. This is supported by App Annie datawhich shows that gen Z holds the crown for total number of sessions and total time spent per month in top, non-gaming mobile apps.

By Investopedia Updated Feb 1, It may seem contradictory that companies that operate Internet businesses are able to make substantial profits each year despite offering their services for free. Companies that operate in Internet services have grown in number consistently over the years as more consumers are utilizing the Internet to purchase products and services, connect with family and friends, search for employment, or gain access to information and news on virtually any topic. The majority of content provided through these Internet companies is offered to users at little to no cost, and consumers have grown accustomed to accessing information found on the Internet for free.

As App Annie also points out, gen Z is set to soon surpass millennials as the largest generation, so if your target audience falls in this age group, this is good news for you.

Mobile App Revenue Statistics Lastly, we round out this piece with some insights on mobile app revenue. Statista Free apps dominate the market. Among app pricing strategiesthe free and freemium models appear to be the ones that have consistently worked the best across app categories, given their increasing popularity.

Many of these apps still making money thanks to ads, add-ons and upgrades. Statista The majority of apps in the Google Play store are also free, and a higher percentage than those explanation option strategy the App Store.

earnings from mobile internet

Statista In case you had any doubts, the mobile app market is hot. Sensor Tower If maximizing revenue is a priority for your mobile app, you may want to launch in the Apple App Store.

Sensor Tower reports that iOS apps consistently bring in more money than Android apps. Remember, there are nearly two times the amount of apps in the App Stores and one fifth of those are gaming apps.

Total mobile industry revenue worldwide 2016-2025

Apps with subscriptions account for the majority of consumer spend in top non-gaming apps. App Annie In the U. Consumers spend the most on video apps. App Annie Four out earnings from mobile internet the top five non-gaming apps for based on worldwide consumer spend were video apps. It is also a popular type of content for subscriptions, so video apps drive a big chunk of mobile revenue. App Annie Exercising is another at-home activity that more consumers have been exploring since the pandemic forced the closure of gyms, sporting fields and rec centres.

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