The best tips to get seniors to use video calling during coroanvirus

One touch video options, One-Touch Join

Here's how to help.

Minimize personal visits by video chat during Coronavirus outbreak

The latest information can be found at inquirer. And, of course, social distancing is especially important for seniors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionolder adults are among the most at-risk groups for developing serious cases of, or complications from, COVID But with Easter and Passover coming up, finding a way to bridge that distance is an acute need right now, too.

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Social isolation among seniors, she adds, was common even before the pandemic. So now is the time to figure out how to get your older parents, grandparents, friends, and relatives comfortable with video calling.

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While a simple phone call may suffice to check in, video calling could be a more effective way to help people from feeling isolated, and check to see how they are doing. Which is reassuring for everyone. But understanding why is the first step to helping people overcome their fear or lack of experience.

Video calling solutions for tech-challenged seniors

The Philadelphia-based national nonprofit Generations on Linewhich has been working to help older adults with digital literacy for two decades, identifies three big obstacles: access, skill, and intimidation. Access issues, founder and CEO Tobey Gordon Dichter says, include forgotten passwords and troubles with initial setup. Problems with skill, meanwhile, may be rooted in embarrassment over needing certain technical concepts explained several times.

Focus on your meetings, not on how to join them.

And finally, some older adults may just be intimidated by what they perceive as a complicated process. Those issues can be solved with some patience and forethought.

Or send a short set of clear instructions or screengrabbed images of what they should see. And remember: The motivation is there. It comes preinstalled on one touch video options devices, and is almost the same as answering a phone call. Try several options and see which they find easiest to use.

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Connecting is more important than ever now. Do you know any older adult who uses a tablet but doesn't use That app, which is also available in in-browser versions for Apple and Android devices alike, provides tap-to-follow instructions on video calling installation and use, and is geared toward seniors who are not particularly tech-savvy.

How Well Does KOMP work vs. iPads for the Elderly?

A Zoom tutorial is also in the works. The screen size on smartphones, however, can sometimes be too small and difficult to use, so Dichter recommends something like a full-sized iPad or Android tablet if at all possible.

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Send it. Tablets, she says, also offer more flexibility than bulky desktop computers because seniors can take them with them around their homes, and avoid glare on their screens, which is sometimes one touch video options issue. A smaller tablet is a good option if cost is an issue.

Other smart devices, like the Amazon Echo Show or Portal from Facebookalso offer video calling capabilities, but the options are virtually endless. Whatever you are using, though, connection is the key.

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Keith Gabriel, communications manager for the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging.