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    This is a powerful course that will help you become an expert in analyzing AND trade fundamental news releases. It will help to align you with the techniques utilized by large institutional traders and to show how you as an individual private trader can trade exactly as they do. Using your expertise, I intend to start applying for future internships within major banks and proprietary firms to continue my career in the financial sector.

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    Looking at that from a percentage standpoint and it has been truly fantastic journey. An eye opener on trading the news even for experienced traders. I am greatly impacted.

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    Keep up the good work. I feel so much more confident and relaxed now when I trade knowing that I have the fundamentals in my favour.

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    Shorted GU 52 pips in one trade banked :- I am really hyped now and want to learn so much more. Thank you!

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    I earnestly suggest everyone to look into this course as it is well explained for all traders, and get your profit ratios be improved significantly, as fundamentals drive the markets solely. I enjoyed it a lot. Even if you're not a Forex trader, but you would just like to know what drives currency markets, you will benefit from this course.

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    You'll have the knowledge that most other people is ignorant of. Tom wants to now share his experience, skills and knowledge to help inspire and motivate others to achieving similar feat's.

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    Tom founded a trading company which was established to assist aspiring traders on the challenging yet highly rewarding journey to consistent profitability. Whether you are a complete novice taking your first steps in the trading world or a more experienced professional, there is something for you to learn from him.

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    So if you are looking to make improvements in news trading training trading then Tom is here to help arm you with everything you need to make giant leaps forward.