Summer International Programs Participation Reports by minhee - Issuu

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As an example, even though eyes receive the same amount of lights form an object, people recognize it darker or more brighten than original objects according to the brightness of the background where someone stands. Instead, multi dimensional mutually correlated inputs play a role to system behavior change.

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And, I checked the system behavior change corresponding to input deviation, mean, correlation coefficient change. And I also checked information entropy of input - 32 - and output change.

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The last thing was about eye movement simulation. In the last week of my UROP, eye tracker was installed in the lab. So lottemarket binary options login was a lack of data.

Summer International Programs Participation Reports by minhee - Issuu

Before it was installed, I made the eye movement simulation program using a principle from a published research results about eye repeat fixate and saccade. Lenninger et al What they wanted to know in their research was the location of fixation point for eyes. They suggest a hypothesis that eye is fixated in information-max point. Information-max point is where if eye focus on that point, it can get more information, such as the highest velocity point, than focusing other points.

I used the acceleration and velocity profile of each body part that was extracted from kinect part of X box sensor. Simulation data was not quite matching to real eye movement that measured by eye tracker, and that was something to be improved later.

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This lab meeting was not only for our lab members, but also every lab in the department was attending to have a discussion. I also had a chance to present outcomes in front of all of the - 33 - faculties and researchers. Before the time for the presentation, I felt so frustrated and nervous because I had to present it in English.

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However, as I already mentioned, it is no matter how good you are in English. Lottemarket binary options login were kind enough to understand my lack of English, both in work-related and everyday conversation. In this way I gained confidence by speaking with them. In the research period, I met many people in the university and the lab. Adam lottemarket binary options login a freshman studying about neuron tuning curve.

After a while, four high school students including two Koreans joined the lab for about 4 weeks. Their participation gave me a relief against homesickness, though we could rarely have a conversation. After my research, I traveled the east-side of the U. Apart from the grace period, I sometimes traveled to New York.

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I had planned to visit here and there, but New York was a huge city with a great deal of entertainments to enjoy everything.

I think, the most important places to visit in NY are museums. Many precious museums are there, named museum of modern arts MoMAmetropolitan museum Metmuseum of natural history and Guggenheim museum.

Among them, I my favorite was MoMA. Central Park is placed in the center of Manhattan it can be symbolized as a natural forest in skyscrapers. Hundreds of people were there, jogging, sunbathing, playing instruments, and dancing around. Boats were serenely floating on the lake. Time Square was a great sleepless town. Even at night, it was brightened by electronic advertisement displays all around.

The famous Broadway musical theater is near Time Square. But making a reservation is more recommended. To go to Niagara Falls, I took a night bus, and it arrived around noon, 4 hours later than schedule. I was angry at the fact that now I could only visit Niagra Falls and not Toronto as planned.

Most passengers except me were just staying calm, which made me feel surprised in the culture difference. I took another bus again toward the falls, spending round 4 hours. The falls lie on the border of the U. Enjoy the waterfall-shower! This is a brief but essential note of my story.

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I went through troubles with hunger and loneliness. However, when I look back, it was absolutely a precious and unforgettable experience. I can experience living abroad and Internship, these both unique things at the same time. Thanks to the International center in UNIST, process for taking part in this program was not that complex, so there was not much burden in paper preparation. In earlier summer or winter vacation, going for an internship with a light workload would be useless, I think, so I applied this time.

However that consideration is not that useful. That's so far away from my major. Using computer language is similar but unfamiliar to me since I did not take general biology courses. Moreover, I wondered if the 'Professor would accept me? Kouh Min-joon in Drew, I expressed my fear about this thing and Prof.

Kouh said that 'various experience regardless of major in undergraduate would be helpful' and I decided to do my best for this chance and get as much experience and skills during the internship period.

Now I think, going to Drew with the belief about Prof.

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Just before arriving to the USA, I had been hypnotized. As I said before the process was not that complex but I submitted my documents late, so following procedures such as being issued a visa were delayed.

The schedule for visiting the American embassy of interview was narrowly adjusted and so many things were hurried. The students who apply for international programs should do these things as lottemarket binary options login as possible so keep composure, and prepare for living abroad. For my case, I didn't have enough time so I forgot to bring several items.

Research Pattern Recognition. That was the big frame of my research subject.

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As the eyes receive visual stimulation, the brain recognize the sort of things in front of eyes. I studied about algorithms in the brain. Which algorithm would be best fitted for our brain and find best-accuracy method. How the brain recognizes two different pictures represent two different materials is a unique process.

It is understandable with the pictures below.

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However, even the same vehicle has different shapes and various colors, angle of sight, scale, location, sort sedan, truck, bus, etc but we can say they are vehicles. This is because we have a defined boundary. Which side the shape is located along the boundary decides what the exact category of the object. Exact comparison of pictures could say these pictures are the same or not, but pictures of same objects with some transform need flexibility in recognition.

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We should have boundaries to embrace some alteration in the same object and distinguish dissimilar objects. Like this, our brain complex tasks. Studying how the brain does these tasks is one of the roles of neuroscience. We had a concept of boundary in object recognition like this. For these purposes prof. Kouh assigned 'Digit Classification' project. For the time beginning we find mean value of each pixels of training images.

We could find the average shape of each digit numbers. Then, we use test images.

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Find the gap between values in pixels of test image and average image of each digits and compare which digit has smallest figure.

We could suppose that the digit which has smallest figure would have the most similar shape with test image and that number is what test image belongs to.

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This mean was available only when images' digit figures' size and location in whole picture were regulated so that does not have flexibility. The next research was my substantive one. Kouh assigned me that subject.

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That is about classification of plant leaves with digital image of leaves. Approximately analyze leaves as a 2D structure and use contour of those structure to find some features of leaves. At first, I should pile up some training data images. For reflecting some shape's difference in even same species of plant and high accuracy, at least more than 50 pictures for each specie was needed. In this step, Michael and Elizabeth.