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Online earnings closed sites. 24 Best Online Jobs from Home without Investment - (20K PM)

Facebook Twitter Three years in a row, online earnings closed sites have looked at how much each of the top websites in the world earn on a annual bases.

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Alibaba focuses on facilitating trade between users across the world, and AliExpress focuses on smaller transactions between buyers and sellers worldwide. Expedia, Inc.

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The trouble was bloated and outdated software, overpriced services and the fact that they were no longer keeping up with the pace of the fast moving online world, or providing high demand services anymore. NetFlix recognised what was wrong with the movie rental industry, and saw where the future was going, and then went there with it.

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As the youngest company on this list so far, founded in onlyFacebook currently has more than million active users on it and has blown other social networks such as Myspace and Bebo out of the water when it comes to popularity.

Overstock has branched out though, they also offer a small online auction side to the website and sell hand made products from workers in developing nations. Their accolades include being voted no.

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Skype was founded back in as a peer-to-peer network, where users can call each other for free over the internet and make discount calls to local numbers all over the world. Due to the different nature in the ways shopping is done in China, Taobao have integrated an instant chat feature where buyers and sellers can talk directly to each other to find out more information on a product, but more importantly, barter on price.

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When you consider that Russia has declining a population of less than million, and China has a population of over 1. Voted the no.

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