REPORT: Border Carbon Adjustments in the EU: Issues and Options

Option border. Gallery Wrap

The edge of the current selection is used as a form and the new selection is then created around it.

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You enter the width of the border, in pixels or some other unit, in the dialog window. Half of the new border lies inside of the selected area and half outside of it.

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This command is grayed out, inactive, if there is no selection. Two conditions must be respected to use this command: The image must have option border alpha channel. The default units option border pixels, but you can also choose the units with the drop-down menu.

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Border Style Hard: this option does not keep antialiasing. This can be useful in some cases.

Take a look at the options below and see which would best work with your image. Our customer service representatives can also recommend the best border option and materials for the end use of your product. Contact us to discuss any questions. Gallery Wrap The gallery wrap border option is the most common border option, and gives a beautiful professional look to your canvas print.

Smooth: this option keeps antialiasing. That's why antialiasing must be added when creating the original selection.

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This option is the best one. The result is not very good; if you want a feathered border, better is use one of the other modes, and then feather the result.


It's there for history reason. Its function is unchanged. With this option enabled, an edge of an usually rectangle selection remains unchanged if it is aligned with an edge of the image; no new selection will be created around it. Same selections filled with red.