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    Notes 1.

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    It should be noted that the analysis reflects the effects of the economic crisis, especially when comparing the years of and More recently including andthere have been significant efforts to include the services sector in the survey.

    Still, its inclusion has gone under several modifications, making it unsuitable for comparisons along the three years considered. Hence, the present work attains exclusively to the manufacturing sector, which presents consistent data for the entire period of analysis.

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    The first one comprises all firms with more than employees, whereas the second comprises firms with less than employees.

    The sample is biased toward firms more prone to innovative success, and modifications are made at each application in an attempt to better sort the firms more propitious to innovate.

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    Access in 26th May Whether firms considered that the interaction with other agents of the SI was of high importance to innovating. Estimations were conducted employing both fixed and random effects.

    Therefore, the reported results concern only fixed-effects estimations.

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    Random effects estimations are available on demand. References Albuquerque, E.

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    Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, 19 435—