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However, if you have problems, this is a naming scheme that is known to work. Board Outline Not Found - Either the board outline was not on the Dimension layer, or the outline was placed on the wrong gerber layer.

Altium Altium typically produces a naming pattern understood by our site.

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The issues we typically see are the following: Altium often uses the. TXT extension for drill files, which our site will understand.

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If multiple. For 4 layer boards, our system will detect.

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G1 and. G2 files, which are generated for internal signal layers.

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Proteus Ares Ares typically produces all gerbers with the extension. Our site does not parse this effectively, so the files must be manually renamed to the pattern suggested above.

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In some cases, the gerbers do not have a board outline. See our Board Outlines page for how to correct this.

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Modifying the drill setup to match our Gko on option File Format will usually resolve this. A customer has provided a renaming utility to assist with this package.

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PHO or. ART extension. Some configurations produce various other extension patterns.

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Some of these patterns work except for the Board Outline layer which must be renamed. See this video tutorial for the correct format options to generate a usable drill file. Older versions named the drill file thruhole.

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However, other than thruhole. XLN for the drill file is suggested.

Each Gerber file corresponds to one layer in the physical board — the component overlay, top signal layer, bottom signal layer, the solder masking layers, etc.

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