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This strategy is simple and straightforward, the only effort required is a little stock analysis. At YP Investors we have stock analysis tools that do this work for you! With this part automated now all you have to do is learn the options for income strategy, so lets get started. Robert Kiyosaki Selling Options for Income The options for income strategy is based on the lower risk side of options contracts.

He offered up insights on making money, becoming an entrepreneur and even touched on politics. Here are some highlights from the talk, or you can listen to the full interview here. One of the reasons for that is inPresident Nixon took the U.

In it we focus on selling options. This means selling a put option or selling a call option. Options get dangerously risky when they are bought as a trade or investment.

kiyosaki robert options

This is because the premium paid for the contracts can be lost completely upon expiration of the contract. This happens much more often than a company going bankrupt. In the options for income strategy you are collecting these premiums by selling Call and Put options. The premiums are your source of income. The best part is the principal account value should at least stay the same or grow! When you sell a put option you are agreeing to purchase a stock at the Strike price, but only if the stock price falls below that strike price.

When you pick sound kiyosaki robert options stocks in a positive trend then the odds are the stock will rise in price.

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This means you collect the premium get paid to buy shares of a good stock or get the premium without buying any shares. The next step is to find some Good Kiyosaki robert options and Fundamental Stocks. This is a great place to get some technically sound stocks.

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When Selling a Put contract you will be paid a premium upfront. The premium you receive will depend on the length of the contract and the difference of the strike price and the stock price. The longer the expiration date is, the more premium.

The more in the money the contract, the more premium.

Options Trading for Beginners

This is why it is important to try and sell the put contracts on the days when the stock is down, it will increase the premium! YP Investors recommends selling contracts that expire from as short as the current week to at most a month out.

Therefore you are required to have this amount of money as collateral until the contract expires. Your return could easily be more or less based on the stocks performance and the premium price you agree to. If you have to purchase the stocks then sell call options for income described in the next section.

Remember that you are only guaranteed the premium, if the stock begins to fall in price you can lose money. This is why it is key to invest in good stocks that are trending to higher prices. YP Investors uses stocks with solid technically performing attributes and when they are on a kiyosaki robert options signal.

This greatly increases the odds that the stock will rise in price.

kiyosaki robert options

Now kiyosaki robert options can re-invest and repeat the process again and again growing your wealth! Note on picking the Strike Price: There may not be a contract option for the Strike Price you desire, so this is where you decide how risky you want to be. Alternatively, picking a Strike Price below the Buy Signal Price will get you less premium but also less risk.

When you own a stock you will be selling Call Options to generate income.

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When selling a call option you are agreeing to sell a stock at the Strike price, but only if the stock price is above that strike price. The person who buys the call contract pays you for the right to purchase the stock at the strike price and will only benefit if the stock gets above the strike price. You will benefit because you are getting paid the premium whether the stock goes above the strike price or not.

kiyosaki robert options

Lets look at the details of the strategy: The first step is to figure out what price you purchased the stock for. Use this to define your strike price. You do not want to set a strike price less than what you paid for the stock or you may be taking a loss. Next is to figure out how many shares you own and divide them by This number will be how many contracts you can sell. Each contract is for shares of a stock.

Kiyosaki Options Trading Explained Simply

The next step is to Sell Call contracts with a Strike Price at or above the price you purchased the stock. When Selling a Call contract you will be paid a premium upfront. It is very important to try and sell call contracts on days when the stock is way up, this will increase the premium! The kiyosaki robert options date is about a month out from now.

This means you made 1. During the length of the contract you should hold onto the shares of XYZ in case the contract gets executed like described.

The ROI is the premium plus the profit divided by what it cost you to purchase the shares. If your stocks do get sold then start over with selling put option contracts above.

kiyosaki robert options

Remember that you own the stock at whatever price you purchased it. You are paid a premium, but if the stock price starts dropping below the purchase price you can lose money.

For this reason it is key to invest in good stocks that are trending to higher prices. YP Investors only holds stocks that are in Positive Trends. The more positive technical attributes the better the odds that the stock will rise in price.

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Options for Income Is How You Become The Casino Casinos make consistent money from betting, sometimes gamblers hit it big but the majority end up losing. Options is the same way. By selling options contracts you are acting as the casino, collecting the steady premiums. Rarely you will hear of someone who bought an options contract and made 10x or better return. You should ask them how many options contracts they have bought overall, odds are they how to make money for a day in real lost money more times than made a profit.

Stick with being the house and use the odds to your favor! YP Investors hopes this strategy will help you successfully grow your wealth so that you can live the life you want!

kiyosaki robert options

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