9 Absolutely Stupid Ideas That Made People Millionaires

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    By Barclay Palmer Updated Jan 30, Many people dream of becoming independently wealthy over the course of a lifetime.

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    Wise investors stash away their bonuses while the less prudent invest their money in risky endeavors and get-rich-quick scams. Then there are those lucky few who make it look easy by turning pocket change into millions of dollars in no time at all.

    Now, these are just some of my favorite. But you can basically follow any startup founder these days, or online personality, or small business owner who shares life lessons on his own platform or across different ones. Just make sure to check how they started to know they made it on their own. Start building your online empire today. I believe in a simple solution to creating the ideal lifestyle — earning passive income.

    Here are the whirlwind stories of six regular people who have realized the worth of their business, idea, or property virtually overnight. In fact, he and his wife were convicted in a court of stealing the artwork and given two-year suspended jail sentences in In a startling turn, the higher courts in France overturned the conviction against Le Guennec and ordered a retrial due to what the court deemed to be insufficient evidence.

    He was found guilty again inhowever.

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    Others became millionaires through a variety of different ways: launching new products, finding oil, or by starting innovative companies like Groupon. There are nearly 12 million millionaires in the United States. Sandy Stein, Inventor At 52, airline stewardess Sandy Stein invented accessorized key clasps to help women avoid losing their keys in their purse.

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    Oscar Stohler, Farmer Rancher Oscar Stohler was skeptical about striking a fortune when drilling started on his western North Dakota farm. People who made money and other farmers in North Dakota have earned millions by owning land rich with oil. Jonathan Duhamel, Poker Player Though his longtime dream was to be a professional hockey player, Montreal resident Jonathan Duhamel made his destiny playing poker.

    Playing off the words "coupon" and "group," the site offers daily discounts on services and products. Even with economic uncertainty mounting inwealth has been rising towards pre-recession levels in the United States.

    These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts.

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    National Public Radio.

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    Finders Key Purse.