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D'Amato Migrants from Africa and elsewhere rescued from a smuggler's boat by an Italian naval ship in the Mediterranean. D'Amato The images are disturbing—hundreds of desperate young African how do they make money in rao eu crowded shoulder to shoulder on rickety boats in the Mediterranean Sea, sailing toward an unknown future in Europe.

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The story of this exodus, starting with long journeys through the punishing desert to North Africa, where they board the boats, is heart-rending. The fatalities are high. Yet daily more depart their home countries on similar journeys.

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Amadou left Senegal with his younger brother in for Italy. After a perilous journey, Amadou and his year-old brother reached the shores of Libya, where he found a job in a small boutique to save money for the next leg of his voyage to Italy.

But even after working for days on end, he was not able to save enough. Then one day his brother was killed. His family begged him to return home.

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In many other African countries, men between the ages of 18 and 40 years head to North Africa every year along well-established migrant smuggling routes, then board boats to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. To reach North Africa they travel for binary options q opton training video under harsh desert weather conditions, how do they make money in rao eu abuse from people smugglers and criminal networks while parting with huge sums of money for the journey.

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A good number get stranded in transit countries, forcing some to return to their countries of origin. One migrant from Sierra Leone, who embarked on the trip with two of his sons, told aid workers in Niger how their driver abandoned them in the desert for days until they had to turn back.

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An amputee since he was young, he had not had an easy life, he said. He hoped to educate his boys, 9 and 18, in Italy so they could have a better future.

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Even when migrants from all over Africa reach Libya en route to Europe, their safety is not guaranteed due to instability in that country. Or you die. Many others die trying. In alone somemigrants arrived in Italy from North Africa, the highest number ever recorded, beating the record ofaccording to Italian authorities.

The year broke another record—as the deadliest for those trying to reach Europe by sea.

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IOM says the vast majority of African migrants heading to Europe through the Mediterranean are from Eritrea fleeing repression and compulsory military serviceSomalia escaping extreme poverty, political instability and insecurityand Sudan fleeing armed conflicts.

Emmanuel Asante, from the Brong Ahafo Region, which accounts for the majority of illegal migration traffic from Ghana, made the dangerous journey to Libya with a group of young friends in He had trained as an auto electrician, and was saving money to set up a workshop. Now, at 33 years old, Mr.

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Asante owns an auto electrical shop but laments that business is not good. This time he wants to make the whole journey and reach Europe.


Despite the dangers migrants confront along the way, the fruits of reaching Europe are evidenced all around them, such as in the Gambian village of Sabaa and in the Ghanaian area of Nkoranza, where grass-thatched huts have given way to permanent homes over the years. These were financed mostly with remittances from relatives abroad. Boakyi-Yiadom told Africa Renewal.

There are not many economic activities going on here. Aikins, a part-time farmer, himself says changing weather patterns and lack of access to funding have made farming, the main occupation in the area, unattractive.

A global trend The last 15 years have seen a sharp increase in the number of people on the move globally binary option literature pursuit of better lives and work abroad. And they do not necessarily head for developed countries.

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Indeed, Africa is the major host for intra-regional migration. Kenya and South Africa, with their better-performing economies, are major recipients of mixed migration—refugees and irregular and economic migrants—from other African countries, according to the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat RMMSan organization that supports agencies in the Horn of Africa and Yemen in managing and protecting migrants.

Africans, she said, needs education, skills, and the opportunities provided by modern industries. And many agree.

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Some development experts argue that the EU approach under the Partnership Framework Agreement on Migration, which seeks to reinforce cooperation with third-world countries to better manage migration, cannot stop the tide, as development aid takes a while to deliver impact, if it does at all.

EU policymakers are using development aid to pressure transit and departure countries like Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria, Mali and Senegal to implement policies that prevent migration, a move that experts say amounts to outsourcing the problem.

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Slowing the flow will require awareness creation and collaboration. Also, aid takes a long time to create economic growth.

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Further, as aid does start to encourage growth, it may have the opposite of the intended effect on migration. In very poor countries such as Mali, emigration tends to increase with household income, as more families are able to afford the expensive up-front cost of migration.