Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

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    The group says this means that the individual who created Bitcoin almost certainly had intelligence training; Other evidence includes the fact that Bitcoin uses a common PRNG crypto program to create secure keys, which is itself believed to have an NSA backdoor; numerous Reddit threads linking Bitcoin or Satoshi Nakamoto with the NSA have been removed; and that Bitcoin is not decentralized as it is being controlled by a small group which is led by Gavin Bell, popularly known as Gavin Andresen — the face of Bitcoin.

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    As it stands, their argument is not very compelling. The meaning of Satoshi Nakamoto can be loosely interpreted as something that pertains to a highly organized and intelligent agency, but the name could also have chosen simply because it has a nice ring to it.

    First off, the "Central Intelligence" translation of this name is a far, far, stretch and over simplification of literal meanings and translations of the name Satoshi Nakamoto. So, this article doesn't even present it as an option. Instead, let's look at the many other very real possibilities of what this name actually means.

    Claims that the NSA created Bitcoin have actually been flung around for years. Green of Johns Hopkins University said in a previous interview.

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