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How to earn 1 btcon for sure. Best Ways To Make Money With Bitcoin

N Love to break down complex blockchain projects in simple terms, so that a common user can understand This is own life story of how I managed to accumulate a Bitcoin without any financial investment. This is my story of how I earned my first full bitcoin with Zero investment.

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It will be unfair to say there was zero investment. Maybe not in financial terms, but I do have invested my precious time and have put considerable efforts to reach my goal.

Introduction Unlike others, I am relatively new to Crypto. My first experience with crypto was in Octoberwhen a customer enquired about Bitcoin I am working in a Bank. This triggered my curiosity, and I started browsing to find out more how to earn 1 btcon for sure it, and my journey started. I decided to watch and learn before I jump into the crypto world.

How to Make Money With Bitcoin: A Comprehensive Guide

Well, that turned out to be a costly decision. It was early December.

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In a matter of days, Bitcoin just exploded. It was the start of the Bull run. I took a loan from one of my friends and invested in crypto.

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I brought my first bunch of tokens for 0. In a matter of weeks, I saw my initial investment climbing up from 0.

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I kept on holding, thinking that TRON is going to be 1. In a matter of days, TRON price went downhill. I was still able to salvage some profits.

As usual, I reinvested all my funds in how to earn 1 btcon for sure new projects based on shilling from some so-called crypto gurus on Twitter. Unfortunately for me it as PnD scheme and I lost the majority of my capital. I was dejected and took out what left of crypto. To payback my friend, I had to break a Fixed deposit. Lesson learned: Invest what you can lose Resurgence. Being a banker It was a shock to me that I made such stupid mistakes, and I was determined to gain everything back.

I got my bonus of that year, and I decided to retake my chance and to invest that money back to crypto.

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I was able to make some good investment and started booking my profits as well. In a month, I was able to regain all my lost capital. I sold all the crypto and replaced my early broken Fixed deposit for my child. This was a massive amount for a common person.

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To reach my destination, there were some basic tools needed. An airdrop is a distribution of a crypto currency token by a new ICO or some times an existing project, mainly used for promotional purpose. Unfortunately for me, ICO was dying, and there were not enough opportunities. I participated in hundreds of airdrops, but most of them turned out to be dud as the tokens turned out to be worthless or not getting listed in good exchanges.

To increase my allocation, I used multiple email address, various telegram ids and even multiple eth address but still was unfortunate. After four months of running around, my total earning was 0.

Twitter Giveaways While I was hunting for various airdrops, I was lucky enough to stumble upon multiple twitter giveaways promoted by crypto projects and exchanges. This turned out to be great for me as I was able to win some of them.

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My total earning from twitter giveaways were 1 Nano S wallet, 0. Now my total earning stood at 0. Twitter giveaways were more of luck and were rare as well.

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So I began to look out for better opportunities, and it came in the form of Bounties. I came across bounties when I was hunting for airdrops. A majority of the bounty programs are hosted in Bitcointalk forum or Bounty0x. I faced some initial difficulties, but gradually, I was able to improve my quality of writing.

AergoI concentrated on the ones which were already listed E.

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Now with the addition from Bounty Campaigns, of my total earning stood at 0. Article competition.

How To Make Money With Bitcoin

I was lucky enough to be in the top 5 rankings and was rewarded USDT. I also moderated bounty telegram group of a leading Exchange house for a month earning another USDT. Now my total earning stood at 1.

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Closing words As I said in the beginning, Time and effort was my investment. I also had a hint of luck on my side.

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Apart from all the crypto's I earned, I feel discovering that I can write is the greatest gift for me. Writing has given me a new purpose in life and also helped me to see life from a different perspective.