Strategies for Trading Volatility With Options

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The Bottom Line An important principle in options pricing is called put-call parity. This parity states that the value of a call optionat a specified strike priceimplies a particular fair value for the corresponding put optionand vice versa. Thus, the price of a call and put should always hold a price relationship between one another. The theory behind this pricing relationship relies on the possible arbitrage opportunity that would result if there is a divergence between the value of calls and puts with the same strike price and expiration date. Knowing how these trades work can give you a better feel for how put options, call options, and the underlying stocks intermingle.

February 2 Have You Seen This? This week I'm going to give you nine critical principles - guidelines if you like -- I use in my own trading.

Traders can use options to add leverage with an acceptable level of risk that is truly limited, as well as to trade up, down and range-bound markets. Here are 10 key principles that newcomers to options should keep in mind as they approach the options arena. While the potential list of principles is considerably longer, a good number to start with is Know the difference between using options to invest and using options to trade: Investors focus on the benefits of long-term stock ownership, and they should use options to buy, sell, or protect stock positions, or to increase income from stock positions. Consider an investor planning to buy stock when he receives a year-end bonus.

As you may know I've been trading since and these nine principles have helped me more than you can imagine You see to be a really successful options trader you need to know the "nuances" of trading. My nine principles are not hard but it's like anything else - the devil is in the details.

Before I get to my nine principles, I'd like to point out my winning trades this week - I'm proud of them and I suspect my subscribers are smiling as well.

I would also like to take this opportunity to spotlight a technique that I often use in combination with my nine principles. First and foremost my recommendations are about hitting home runs making the really big profits in just a few days and there is one technique that I use frequently: buying extremely cheap options. Some call this technique "bottom fishing.

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Three other Power Options were closed for three-week profits. Not bad - all the calls and puts were opened and closed in 3 weeks or less.

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  • The Bottom Line There are seven factors or variables that determine the price of an option.

I was just reviewing my buy prices in my newsletters so far this year. That's cheap. I don't know about in your neck of the woods but my last parking ticket cost more than that.

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Not too shabby. And when there are losses, the key is taking small losses while racking up home runs and some doubles and triples on cheap options. Cheap options have the potential for open demo account at opening very biggest of the big gains.

It just stands to reason - the smaller the investment, the bigger potential percentage gain.

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Now, let's cover the nine principles of option trading that should improve option trading principle overall profits. If you are new, be patient. Don't invest everything right away. Decide how much you want to risk in options during the next twelve months and spread your purchases over that time frame.

Strategies for Trading Volatility With Options

Take at least two or three positions and try to always own both calls and puts. With the recent swings in the market, playing both sides will improve your chances in the long run.

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Don't forget this. Minimize your risk.

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Pay as little as option trading principle for each option and always be ready to cut your losses. Part of my job is to help find the cheap options and then get you out with a profit - FAST!

Plan before you play.

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If you do not have a game plan that tells you when to take profits and when to cut losses you will have a very difficult time making a profit. I can help lay out a game plan for you with every options play.

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Don't be greedy. Putting all your money down on a "sure thing" is a certain recipe for disaster.

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I've been trading since - there are no sure things; never bet the farm. Maximize your leverage. Buying cheap options is the first step in this strategy. But any profit in 3 weeks is a dandy profit in my book.

Buy options on high volatility stocks. You have a limited amount of time to work with. Your best plays are on volatile stocks.