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Plotting options


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    Clawpack includes utilities for plotting using Python. Most of these are defined in the clawpack.

    • The word style must be followed by one or more styles.
    • Quick-R: Graphical Parameters
    • — Matplotlib documentation
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    In order to use these you will plotting options to plotting options that you have the required modules installed see Installation of required modules. See Python Hints for more information on Python and pointers to many tutorials. This file should define a function setplot plotdata that sets various attributes of an object plotdata of class ClawPlotData. Documentation on how to create a setplot function and the various plotting parameters that can be set can be found in the section Using setplot.

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    Examples can be found at Plotting examples. Plotting frame Most commonly used are n for next frame, p for previous frame and j to jump to a different frame.

    Hitting return at the prompt repeats the previous command. You can restart the plotloop later by doing: In [4]: ip.

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    Replot data for frame 1 [no]? If you want to change plot parameters, the easiest way is to edit the file setplot. This is generally done by creating a file setplot.

    • The optional parameter fmt is a convenient way for defining basic formatting like color, marker and linestyle.
    • Plot Options - Maple Programming Help
    • 2-D line plot - MATLAB plot
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    • Plot three sine curves with a small phase shift between each line.

    Once you have a ClawPlotData object you can set various attributes to control what is plotted interactively if you want. There are many other ClawPlotData attributes and methods.

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    Most example directories contain a file setplot. This function sets various attributes of the ClawPlotData object to control what figures, axes, and items should be plotted for each frame of the solution.

    For an outline of how a typical set of plots is specified, see Using setplot. Version 5.

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