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Providing biocompatibility with a state-of-the-art quaternary or binary high-pressure solvent blending, these ultra-high performance liquid chromatography systems share all Vanquish values, such as a design focused on uptime, robustness and reliability.

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Multiple detection binar pump give you the performance and flexibility you need. These system are ideal for method development or high-throughput analyses and can be seamlessly coupled to a mass spectrometer MS.

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Our SmartFlow pumping technology with automatic compensation for changing eluent compressibility ensures excellent flow and gradient precision, independent of eluent composition and backpressures. This gives you unrivaled data confidence and flexibility in method transfer.

Vanquish™ Flex UHPLC Systems

Increase to sample capacity 23 well plates by adding the optional Vanquish Charger module. SmartInject technology and unsurpassed sample dosage precision Innovative air stream cooling for maximum sample integrity in both the sampler and the charger module Automated workflows with barcode reading Controls the separation with more confidence Ensure even temperature throughout using the two thermostatting modes of the Vanquish Column Compartment H module.

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Avoid performance loss from temperature effects using the system's active pre-heating to ensure solvent entering the column will match the column temperature.

The Vanquish Flex system utilizes Viper binar pump in all connections from the pump to the detector. Whether setting up a method or maintaining the system, the Viper fingertight fitting system allows any user to make consistently perfect connections.

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