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Alef market binary options

The alef market binary options interest and philosophy of ALEF Group companies is the satisfaction of our customers and those with whom we build mutual business relationship. For that purpose we use provided personal data, which we carefully professional binary options trading and process in accordance with applicable legislation. Oltetului Nr.

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What personal data do we use and to whom do we access it? Data includes name, surname, e-mail. Recipient of alef market binary options personal data is the Controller and any entity linked in any way to the Controller in terms of assets, whether directly or indirectly, and entities that are members of the ALEF Group, even in the case such entity is in a third country i.

What is the purpose of personal data processing? Provided personal data is used only for purposes related to providing our services of seminars and training organization.

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What is the legal basis for personal data processing? How long is the personal data stored?

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Personal data is stored for the duration of the business relationship and then for a period of 4 years after its end. As a personal data subject, what are your rights? Request the rectification of personal data, i. Sochora 27, 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic.

Internetworking Basics

You can apply all of the above mentioned rights to the Administrator by sending an e-mail to the addresses given in the introductory part of this information or by letter. These terms and conditions could be changed unilaterally by ALEF. Training prices are listed on the above website.

Listed prices do not include VAT. Ordering Training Training orders can be ordered by the training client via the website www. In the case that the date of the selected training is full, the training client and each registered participant will be contacted with an offer of alternative dates. At least one week before the start of the training, the participants of the training will receive an invitation with more detailed organizational information, such as the date and time of the training, the venue, or parking options.

ALEF is entitled to change the format of full-time training to on-line training and vice versa at any time. Payment for Training The participation fee for the training includes tuition, use of computer technology, study materials, and issuance of a certificate of completion of the training. The price of the training also includes refreshments, additional income investment drinks of what is the best strategy for turbo options kinds and a hot lunch if the training takes place on the premises of the Alef Training Center.

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In the case of training outside these areas, refreshments and lunch are a matter of agreement between the training client and ALEF. The payment of training in the case of existing customers is after the training, normally within 14 working days from the delivery of the invoice.

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For new customers, an advance invoice is issued for the first training, which the training client is obliged to pay by the beginning of the training. After the training, the customer of the training is issued an invoice - a tax document.

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In the case of a problem-free payment, i. In the case of a delay in the payment for the training, the training client is obliged to pay the ALEF interest rate on arrears in the amount of 0.

Cancellation Conditions The request for free cancellation of participation in certified training must be sent no later than 35 working days before the start date of the training to cz-training alef. Cancellation fees are due within 14 working days of receipt of the invoice.

Internetworking Basics | ALEF TRAINING

After receiving the registration for the certification test, which completes the certified training, the order of the certification test cannot be canceled. The date of the test can be changed, but it is necessary to contact the person who confirmed the registration for the relevant test regarding the change of the date, no later than 3 working days before the planned start of the certification test.

This administrative fee is payable within 14 working days of receiving the invoice. Information on the change of date must be sent no later than 3 working days before the training to the cz-training alef.

Why You Should Use a Binary Option Trading Robot – Alef Ya

If a change of date is possible, it will be confirmed by ALEF. In the case of a delay of the payment of the cancellation fee or administrative fee, the alef market binary options arises to pay interest on arrears in the amount of 0.

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Organisational Changes ALEF ALEF Training Team reserves the right to cancel the planned training date in case of unexpected events, the illness of the lecturer, interruption of the supply of services such as electricity, internet, etc.

ALEF also reserves the right to cancel the training date if the sufficient number of participants required for its implementation is not met.

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In such a case, the training client and the registered participants will be contacted with a new possible date. Electronic Materials A new trend of providing electronic training materials for certified Cisco training, participants in the full-time training must bring a laptop, or on request, we can provide temporary use of our laptop free of charge. The request needs to be done at least one week before the start of the training.

Protection of copyright and other rights of third parties It is expressly forbidden to make any audio or video recordings of the training. It is expressly forbidden to distribute received digital and printed training materials for training.

It is just a highly advanced robotic designed for the future success of traders who want to make money to the currency markets. The creators on the robot, Albert Perrie and John Grace, spent many years refining and perfecting this method so that it is able to help to make as much money as possible because of its users. Many of these programs are on the marketplace, and lots of of them own performed extremely well and therefore are being used by many traders all over the world.

The provision of the previous sentence is binding only if the legal relationship between the training client and ALEF is a legal relationship between entrepreneurs in their business activities.