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Bitcoin altcoin. Altcoins: What Are They?

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So what comes next for bitcoin? The price of bitcoin has been trending sideways.

High potential for scams and fraud Pros explained Improve on Bitcoin's flaws: Altcoins are generally designed to address a perceived shortcoming with the Bitcoin framework, whether it's speed, mining cost, or some other factor. Provide competition: By tweaking the rules under which Bitcoin operates, altcoin creators make space for new competitors to the Bitcoin system.

The natural volatility caused by trading in uncharted territory will be compounded by the fact we are now about to enter into the Christmas period, meaning that institutions will be staying out of work and essentially passing the keys to retail traders allowing them to drive the metaphorical bitcoin bus over the Christmas period.

Retail traders are coming Retail traders are yet to really come onboard with the bitcoin altcoin bull market in the same way bitcoin altcoin bitcoin altcoin in indicating we are still very early in this phase.

This can be seen clearly by looking at a number of metrics.

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As somebody who makes cryptocurrency videos and posts them to YouTube every day, my subscriber count is growing, and my views are growing, but not as fast as channels were growing in by a long way! Even the biggest bitcoin YouTube channels only receive 60, views per video whereas in they were receivingThere are so many metrics that can be used to judge the popularity of bitcoin and it seems clear that bitcoin is yet to recapture its audience, never mind break into new demographics.

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New money So much new money is yet to enter the bitcoin ecosystem. Early indicators include the fact that global banking infrastructure is treating bitcoin like a store of value and the recent rise of billionaire investors into bitcoin.

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Bitcoin is just at the start of this bull run. Bitcoin scarcity Bitcoin is the scarcest asset on earth and it is deflationary. More bitcoin has been lost already than there is bitcoin left to be mined, with an ever growing ecosystem and no chance of a network failure due to bitcoin being virtually impenetrable, the constant fresh stream of new market participants as well as the constant stream of companies converting their cash reserves into bitcoin to avoid inflation.

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Bitcoin has an amazing time ahead. The rest of the cryptocurrency market The cryptocurrency market as a whole is in a great place. Start-ups are booming, venture capital is investing bitcoin altcoin and buying pressure in the smaller more illiquid altcoin space is picking up significantly.

Although I focus on bitcoin heavily, I have parked the majority of my investments into the altcoin space due to my previous successful investments in the altcoin market, and as a great way to acquire more bitcoin. Altcoins get more popular in bitcoin altcoin markets as time goes on and people perceive the risk reward in the short term on bitcoin investments to be getting substantially worse.

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I believe now is a great time to be investing in the altcoin space, in specific projects that I expect will perform well. This is due to the illiquid nature of the market.

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As an altcoin grows in price, the price stabilises and the market becomes easier to predict and trade. In the early days for most projects, this is when they are at their most volatile.

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Similar to an IPO listing on the stock market, most of the price action ocuurs within the first week of trading before it stabilises. I focus my altcoin investments around value generation.

It is for this reason I invest in projects that have a strong token model, high amounts of engagement and excellent user adoption. A great example of this would be Swissborg.

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Since their application launched, they have added lots of new features to allow their customers more options. Another recent investment of mine is Elrond, a coin I have been invested in for a very long time building a large position size.

Definition and Examples of Altcoins

This is down to strong marketing, clear branding and a top quality product. The not so secret formula There is no secret formula to investing in cryptocurrencies. I treat it the same way I would investing in new companies.

See also: History of bitcoin Inthe American cryptographer David Chaum conceived an anonymous cryptographic electronic money called ecash. This allowed the digital currency to be untraceable by the issuing bank, the government, or any third party. The first decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was created in by presumably pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto. It used SHAa cryptographic hash function, in its proof-of-work scheme.

Lots of research, lots of analysis and even then there is no guarantee of success. There are charlatans that will try to get you to buy a magic formula, or a secret trading nonsense course.

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Ultimately the best way to learn about crypto investing is to watch crypto YouTube channels and Google everything. Every success story I know in crypto begins with falling down a rabbit hole on Google. In the Crypto Space since he has vast experience in both Cryptocurrency bull and bear markets having experienced nearly every single one in the history of Bitcoin!