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Toggle navigation A group of entrepreneurs purchased zhibrov options abandoned one. Solving problems on Land Law - file n1. But in order to legitimize this, crop and livestock production will have to be included in the list of business activities where the patent taxation system is used, and this is now being actively discussed zhibrov options the Zhibrov options of Agriculture and the government. The news turned out to be very unpleasant not only for former farmers who transferred their peasant farms to private household plots in order to avoid the bureaucracy that accompanied their work, but also for the majority of rural residents, whose household plots were registered as private zhibrov options plots.

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If the law is passed, if one of them, without a patent, sells a bucket of their zhibrov options or potatoes, he will immediately fall under responsibility for illegal business.

Today, a significant part of the rural population, retired, "moonlights" in the markets, selling vegetables from the garden, their own berries, apples While they are allowed to do so by the Federal Law "On personal subsidiary plots", according to zhibrov options the activities of private household plots, regardless of the amount produced in it products are considered non-commercial.

The sale of surpluses also does not apply to entrepreneurship, and therefore, according to paragraph 13 of Art.

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A grace that may end soon. With good intentions Why did you suddenly need to make zhibrov options changes to the Tax Code? True, here the authors of the law made a reservation that all their proposals boil down to putting pressure on people whose income is systematic, that is, part or most of the products of private household plots are regularly sold.

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Another proposed criterion is that the transaction partners must be an individual entrepreneur or an organization. As a result, regularly recorded zhibrov options through a personal current account, settlements through online banking, cash crediting through ATMs or transfers from another account will now be strictly controlled by tax authorities. And in order zhibrov options to enter into conflict with them, you will have to buy a patent, the cost of which will be calculated based on your possible annual income.

And do we have many personal subsidiary plots that will acquire such a patent? Units that have their own retail outlets on the weekend market in Smolensk, on the street. They really have nowhere to go. The rest are unlikely to list their "hard-earned" money to the state. So far, I am categorically against these innovations, - says the owner of the private farm Elena Torochkina. Now what happens: pensioners from their gardens cannot sell anything without a patent and a cash register?

Then they will decide to simply abandon their large vegetable gardens and transform from small agricultural producers and self-employed citizens into village lumpen. I run my farm, supply people with quality products, which are recorded in the Mercury system, buy feed, pay for veterinary services.

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Only 4 thousand rubles. Just 7 thousand rubles. I believe that with the current cost of energy resources, the state should not take money from the villagers, but fully subsidize all grown products. If such a bill is adopted, then we will hold out for another six months, and then we will have to look for work in the city, says Elena.

Neither city nor village If we take the data of official statistics, then in there were thousand private household plots in the region. In the middle of - thousand.

A group of entrepreneurs acquired an abandoned industrial complex. This abandoned tower was acquired by a businessman and did something amazing with him. Winemakers - transporters Article Payment for shares and other issue-grade securities of the company upon their placement 1. The shares of the company distributed at its foundation must be fully paid within a year from the moment of state registration of the company, unless a shorter period is provided for by the agreement on the establishment of the company.

Of these, most are ordinary farmsteads, for which running a personal subsidiary farm is just a type of permitted use of land. And until recently, many owners of these lands did run such private farms without going into any business.

A group of entrepreneurs purchased an abandoned one. Solving problems on Land Law - file n1.docx

Statistics show that the number of cows, bulls, sheep among the population has decreased over the years. Today it is There are also It is sparse, so today you cannot catch a private trader who pours a bucket of milk a day at the bazaar.

Customers will come to him for the product themselves, and they will sign up for fresh milk a week before.

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In general, the peasants themselves are already going to the store for potatoes. Why grow it if it is ready-made from Egypt? The same zhibrov options with carrots and beets. InI bought four goats and a thoroughbred goat. I gave away a lot of money and worked for zhibrov options years to raise it. Only in the fifth year she began to trade in milk a little, - Larisa Luchkova shares her experience in raising her zhibrov options subsidiary farm.

To do this, she started a cow, with her help she began to water the kids. One cow was not enough, got a second, Ayshir breed. Now the problem of feeding the kids has been solved, but the problem arose of how to feed the cows? Today I borrowed money and gave away 80 thousand rubles. I will work during the winter to pay back my debts. The issue is also difficult to resolve with the disposal of manure. Selling it is almost impossible, you have to take it out. For this she hired KamAZ for 10 thousand rubles.

Veterinary services have also become more expensive. Previously, to sell milk on the market, I paid rubles. Now it is necessary to put samples of products in the laboratory for rubles every week, and then pay another rubles for the certificate. In total, about rubles.

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And now my activity will be equated with entrepreneurial, forced to pay taxes, buy a patent, a cash register Where can I get funds for this, if I am balancing between profitability and unprofitability anyway? People are asking to be very careful when adopting this bill.

And think over all the possible positive and negative consequences. Document Problem solving of the 7th option from Zhibrov A. Collection zhibrov options tasks in civil law: Teaching aid. Part 1 Document Antonov O. Objective 2.

"Patent for the village." Owners of personal farms will be required to pay surplus tax

The members of the peasant farm decided to create a joint-stock company, and as a contribution to the authorized capital, transfer to the ownership of the joint-stock company being created, the land plot belonging to them by right of ownership. Are the actions of the members of the peasant farm legal? Article 1.

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The concept of a peasant farm economy 1. Peasant farm economy hereinafter also referred to as a farm is an association of citizens related by kinship and or property, having property in common ownership and jointly carrying out production and other economic activities production, processing, storage, transportation and sale of agricultural products based on their personal participation.

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The farm carries out business activities without forming a legal entity. The rules of civil law that govern the activities of what is a binary option really entities that are commercial organizations are applied to entrepreneurial activities of a farm, carried out without the formation of a legal entity, unless otherwise follows from federal law, other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation or the essence of legal relations.

Article 6. Composition of farm property 1. The structure of the property of the farm may include a land plot, household and other buildings, reclamation and other structures, productive and working cattle, poultry, agricultural and other machinery and equipment, vehicles, inventory and other property necessary for the implementation of the farm's activities.

The property of a farm belongs to how did the Jews make money members on the basis of joint ownership, unless otherwise established by an agreement between zhibrov options.

In search of the Effect of John Searl. Part 9

To create a farm and carry out its activities can be provided and purchased land plots from agricultural land. Article Authorized capital of a joint stock company 1. The authorized capital of a joint-stock company is made up of the par zhibrov options of the company's shares acquired by shareholders. The authorized capital of a company determines the minimum size of the company's property that guarantees the interests of its creditors. It cannot be less than the size provided for by the law on joint stock companies.

The release of a shareholder from the obligation to pay for the company's shares is not allowed.

Payment for shares and other equity securities of a company upon their placement 1. Shares of a company, distributed at its foundation, must be fully paid up within a year from the date of state registration of the company, unless a shorter period is provided by the agreement on the foundation of the company. Payment for shares distributed among the founders of a company during its establishment may be carried out in money, securities, other things or property rights or other rights that have a monetary value.

At the same time, federal legislation establishes restrictions on the types of property accepted as payment for the zhibrov options shares: Federal Law of