2. Sell your stuff.

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Get in touch with your local adult education center, library, chamber of commerce, or community college about workshop teaching or guest lecturing opportunities. Establish Yourself as an Expert Everyone wants to hire an expert.

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No one wants to hire an amateur to complete projects for them. Establishing yourself as an expert is easier than you think, too. There are a few basic things you can do: Curate your portfolio so that it only shows your best work.

Write some articles! Pitch some spec articles to blogs about your area of expertise be willing to write for free to start withand make sure that your byline or bio includes links to your website or portfolio. Share your knowledge. This one goes beyond just writing articles. Be willing to answer questions if someone emails you. Go to sites like Quora or LinkedIn and answer questions people are posing. This not only establishes you as an expert, but also expands your network.

Keep improving your skills.

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Teach a class or workshop. You can do this online, locally, or at trade shows and conventions. You could do a one-day workshop, or an ongoing class. Offering a basic free class on your website is a great way to really get your name out there you can set it up to automatically deliver lessons by how can you additionally make money in.

Write a book! This one is way more involved and time-consuming than the methods above, but it can seriously improve your image as an expert.

But branding yourself as elite can up your freelance game even more. They want to work with the best of the best, not the person whose portfolio is filled with projects for mid-level local businesses.

Quality is paramount. Another key thing is customer service. Elite brands provide impeccable service. Instead, invite people to submit information for a customized proposal created just for them.

But it is something that you should be thinking about from the start of your freelancing career so that you can brand and position yourself appropriately. Next Steps: Do a little research to see how your competition is branded, and how you can do better. Charge More This can seem like a no-brainer, and yet so many people never try it as new internet for binary options way to earn more.

All because they feel like the higher-priced agency or freelancer is actually worth more not always the case.

For the loooongest time ever, my blog was known as senseofcents. I finally bought www. The second step is to get your web hosting. If you pay for more than one year at a time, you also get a free domain through Bluehost if you buy through my link. And once you have your domain and hosting, also make sure to start an e-mail list.

The idea is that you should put your rates as high as what people are willing to pay for your services. Try a little experiment the next time someone asks you for a quote: double your rate. When I was starting out in consulting, I was how can you additionally make money in a pretty low hourly rate. So one day when I got a request to quote a fairly small project one I could certainly live without, if they turned down my bidI sent them a quote that was twice as high as what my normal rate would be.

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Guess what happened? In fact, I probably could have tripled my rate and they would have gone for it. Keep raising your rates until someone says no.

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The next time you bid on a project, increase your rate! You may need to base your rates on average hourly rates to can be hard to compare other types of rates, like per-project, due to all the variables involvedbut try quoting at the high end of the scale and see what happens! Create Value-Added Products There are a ton of things you can offer as value-added products to your existing clients that will increase your earnings.

Those are all things that someone purchasing your key website design services would find useful. Or maybe you offer content creation and writing services. Adding a marketing or promotion element to those services is an obvious add-on. An email course or ebook on social media marketing, for example, or on website maintenance best practices, are both great ideas. The main thing is to think about the products or services your clients end up having to purchase anyway, and see if there are ways you can offer those products directly, preferably with a reasonable markup.

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Next Steps: Make a list of at least three add-ons you could sell with your core services. Create Premium Content A lot of freelancers probably think about selling their services to individual clients on a one-by-one basis. There are designers selling WordPress themes on sites like Theme Forest. More advanced themes with tons of customization options sell for the highest prices, so more advanced skills are needed if you want to make significant money.

But more basic themes created with mid-level skills can still earn you some side income. You can also create things like stock icons, fonts, stock photos, and other elements people use in their designs. These can be more suited to those who are just starting out in web design consider making one or two free items first, to help get your name out there and for practice.

Regardless of what your primary freelancing business is, there are likely premium products you can create to boost your income. And consider add-ons to your premium products, like support contracts or setup and customization of your stock themes. Next Steps: Find a few marketplaces where you could sell premium content and see what their top sellers are.

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Brainstorm a few ideas for premium content you could create quickly, to test the waters. Without any other information, who would you expect to pay more to design your website: Mary Smith, web designer, or Awesome Sites, Ltd.? You probably answered the latter.

After all, Mary Smith is an individual person.

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She probably works out of her home. Why on earth would she charge the same as a design agency? Awesome Sites, Ltd. Take some time and come up with a company name.

Brand yourself as an agency rather than a freelancer, and change your rates accordingly. Next Steps: Come up with a business name for your new agency.

But, what are some easy ideas? TheStreet explores 25 ways to make additional cash from your home or car. But, not everyone has the time or resources to get a consistent job outside of their house.

Register the business name and domain name. Stop Charging By the Hour Charging by the hour is one of the worst things you can do as a creative. What about if the perfect solution comes to you almost instantly, and everything falls into place and the project you thought would take ten hours and for which your client was perfectly happy to pay you for ten hours of work only takes two?

Or, on the flip side, what if the project you thought would be quick and easy turns into a nightmare, and you suddenly find yourself spending forty hours working on something you thought would take fifteen. How do you handle that without losing a client?

There are tons of other ways to charge for your work. The best way, and the fairest for everyone involved, is to charge based on the value of the work you do. And the thing is, a big company is perfectly happy to pay based on the value they get from your work, as is a small company.

They probably make a few thousand dollars in sales every year.

As a consequence, you may be scrambling to find new sources of income.

Compare the value of a website for them in relation to the site they just left: Etsy. Would your neighbor pay the same price that Etsy can afford to pay?

The big advantages to each of these is that they eliminate the need for a lot of time tracking, since you can devote an entire day, etc.

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