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You can use the step attribute to vary the amount of time jumped whenever the time is incremented or decremented for example, so the time moves by 10 minutes at a time when clicking the little arrow widgets.

This property has some strange effects across browsers, so is not completely reliable.

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It takes an integer value that equates to the number of seconds you want to increment by; the default value is 60 seconds, or one minute. Minutes or hours can only be used for stepping when you specify a number of minutes or hours in seconds, such as for 2 minutes, or for 2 hours.

In Firefox, there are no arrows, example of option value the step value isn't used. However, providing it does add the seconds input area adjacent to the minutes section.

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The steps value seems to have no effect in Edge. Using step seems to cause validation to not work properly as seen in the next section.

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This is helpful assuming the time input is fully supported by the user agentbut you can't entirely rely on the value to be a proper time string, since it might be an empty string ""which is allowed.

It's also possible for the value to look roughly like a valid time but not be correct, such as Setting maximum and minimum times You can use the min and max attributes to restrict the valid times that can be chosen by the user.

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Here we make use of the :valid and :invalid CSS properties to style the input based on whether or not the option 24 enter value is valid. Depending on what browser you're using, you might find that times outside the specified range might not even be selectable in the time picker e.

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Making min and max cross midnight By setting a min attribute greater than the max attribute, the valid time range will wrap around midnight to produce a valid time range which crosses midnight. This functionality is not supported by any other input types.

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While this feature is in the HTML specit is not yet universally supported. Chrome-based browsers support it starting in version 82 and Firefox added it in version No information is yet available about when or if Safari will add it. As a result, option 24 enter browsers will display an error if you try to submit a time that is outside the set bounds, or an empty time field. Try playing with the example now: Here's a screenshot for those of you who aren't using a browser that supports time inputs: Important: HTML form validation is not a substitute for scripts that ensure that the entered data is in the proper format.

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It's far too easy for someone to make adjustments to the HTML that allow them to bypass the validation, or to remove it entirely. It's also possible for someone to bypass your HTML entirely and submit the data directly to your server. If your server-side code fails to validate the data it receives, disaster could strike when improperly-formatted data is submitted or data which is too large, of the wrong type, and so forth. Handling browser support As mentioned above, Safari and a few other, less common, browsers don't yet support time inputs natively.

In general, otherwise, support is good — especially on mobile platforms, which tend to have very nice user interfaces for specifying a time value.

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For example, the time picker on Chrome for Android looks like this: Browsers that don't support time inputs gracefully degrade to a text input, but this creates problems both in terms of consistency of user interface the presented control binary options btcon be differentand data handling. The second problem is the more serious; as mentioned previously, time inputs' values are always normalized to the format hh:mm or hh:mm:ss.

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With a text input, on the other hand, by default the browser has no idea of option 24 enter format the time should be in, and there multiple ways in which people write times, such as: 3.