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How do they make money in the north


    Despite this, the reclusive country's leader Kim Jong-un and its elite still manage to enjoy lives full of luxuries, many of them originating from abroad.

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    So where is all the money coming from? And how is the country coping during the coronavirus pandemic?

    Click or scroll through to uncover the sources of the cash flowing into North Korea. This figure does not include trade with South Korea and is largely a result of foreign sales of a variety of goods.

    In February China announced that it would be ending all coal imports from North Korea for the year in a bid to comply with UN sanctions. The report claimed the other main export countries for North Korea are: India, which took 3.

    Continuing to develop of nuclear missiles that threaten the United States. A bold assassination of the half-brother of leader Kim Jong Un. The lavish diet and creature comforts he enjoys while most North Koreans go hungry.

    Keen to monetise its popular cuisine and style of entertainment, the North Korean government has opened over cafes — all called Pyongyang after the country's capital — across China, as well as in Thailand, Vietnam, and even the Netherlands. The establishments are staffed by North Koreans and all profits feed straight back into the government. However, the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the restaurant industry has meant that the nation has turned towards other more illegal money-making efforts With permission being required for nearly every human move in North Korea, bribery is said to be commonplace between officials and citizens, and the money most likely lines a government pocket or two.

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    According to North Korea Leadership Watch, a site that monitors the country's leadership, there are three bureaus in North Korea known as Office 35, Office 38 and Office 39, which are collectively known as the Third Floor. It has long been believed that North Korea has both manufactured and trafficked narcotics for cash, and it may continue to do so as sanctions are ramped up, restricting the trading of legitimate goods.

    News Videos North Korea has surprisingly managed to draw on global resources to develop its nuclear weapons program, despite being a tiny country that's isolated from most the world. North Korea's economic clout is small — South Korea 's central bank estimates its neighbor had a gross national income in of

    It is unlikely that the state will clean up its act anytime soon given that lenient border controls and a high demand for drugs make it an easy and lucrative means of making money. Some North Koreans have also become quite the experts at bank note forgery.

    The regime has previously been suspected of hacking, and now it has been suggested by the Financial Security Institute which is backed by the South Korean Government that North Korea is stealing the digital currency Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    A command economy is a standard component of any communist country.

    Personal information and private data was then easily accessible to the criminals, which could in turn be used to steal Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. North Korea is alleged to be behind many international hacking attacks in a bid to find new flows of revenue to replace those cut off by sanctions, with the US administration claiming it was behind the WannaCry ransomware attack of There doesn't seem to reviews robots of binary options money in that budget for keeping conscripts well-fed, however.

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    The same goes for his elite inner circle, who are some of the how do they make money in the north 'comrades', as the commmunist country's citizens are known, who can afford to shop at the two well-stocked luxury department stores in North Korea's capital Pyongyang. These stores are also thought to provide a revenue stream for the regime.

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    There have been rumours of North Korea profiting from slave labour for years and, ina United Nations press conference held by rapporteur Marzuki Darusman revealed just how bad the situation was. Between 50, andNorth Korean citizens have been sent abroad — predominantly to China and Russia, but also to countries across Asia, Europe, and Africa — to work in various labour industries, including mining, construction, and textiles.

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    Working conditions are harsh and salaries are virtually non-existent, with constant surveillance ensuring that labourers are worked to the bone. Money is exchanged for the excruciating work, but it goes straight to the North Korean government.

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