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Newcomers to the market and their strategy

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The benefits of a pre-arrival strategy for newcomers Moving2Canada's Gideon Lin explains how brands can win with immigrants before they even arrive.

Brands with weak or misguided multicultural strategies, or no strategy at all, will find it increasingly difficult to catch up with competitors who have already built a strong base of multicultural customers and supporters.

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A smart execution moves beyond simply using reflective imagery in Canadian advertising, and instead proactively fosters connection to a brand before the newcomer sets foot in Canada. Because once a newcomer arrives at the airport, the chances of winning them over have diminished significantly.

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Airlines video tutorial binary option among the many businesses that could benefit from a pre-arrival strategy. In most newcomers to the market and their strategy, newcomers have more flexible travel schedules, so a smart pricing plan could include selling round-trip tickets priced for newcomers who frequently return to their homelands with limitations on return travel dates.

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By targeting newcomers before they purchase their first flight to Canada, an airline could artificially create an Indian newcomer season, for example. The retailers that offer them first could earn a loyal customer on the long-term.

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When developing a pre-arrival strategy, companies should consider the emotional journey a newcomer goes through and position their brand as part of that journey to Canada.

But bear in mind that a newcomer who arrived a year ago will have different needs than one who arrived three years ago.

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After five years, they are no longer considered newcomers; at this point they can be integrated into the general multicultural strategy.

The brand that succeeds in marketing itself at the pre-arrival stage may already have a loyal customer.

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In the telecom space, we see brands walking this walk by pairing promotional offers for newcomers with competitive pricing.

This strategy, directed at potential newcomers before their arrival to Canada, ensures the brand comes front of mind the moment they land in Canada and more importantly, before the competition.

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  • Our challenge is ensuring that we get the messaging across, especially to new immigrants Insights Bernice Cheung, our VP of Cultural Markets and Financial Services, recently sat down with Christina Ashmore, Managing Director of the IFSE Institute — a leader in online learning delivery, dedicated to helping Canadians improve their financial literacy by providing practical, cost-effective financial education and support for individuals, firms and academic institutions.
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Gideon Lin is a business development officer at Moving2Canada, a network that helps newcomers transition to Canada. He grew up in Israel and has been a newcomer to Canada since