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The new accounts may represent "new investors who sense a generational-buying moment but do not have much background in the equity space," said Citi chief U. A spike in new accounts at online brokers show that young and inexperienced investors saw internet investments in 2020 coronavirus downturn as an entry point into the world of investing and not a time to hunker down.

Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via Email The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has got many of us looking for new ways to make the most of our money. That's spurred a surge in demand for financial advice and investment opportunities, particularly among young people. Yet, knowing where to start can remain tricky. Less experienced investors are generally advised to kick-start their investing careers with regular, automated installments into low-cost, passively-managed funds. Exchange-traded funds or index fundsfor instance, provide access to a broad range of stocks with strong long-term growth potential, and require little involvement on your end.

But young people apparently saw it as an opportunity and began buying familiar technology stocks. In March, stocks started to rebound led by resilient tech stocks. There were also hopes that slowly reopening the economy and a Covid treatment will create a path to recovery. The quarter included 27 of the 30 highest volume days in Schwab's history.

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ETrade, which is set to be acquired by Morgan Stanley, saw a gain ofaccounts in the quarter, a company record. Arrows pointing outwards Stock positions at the Silicon Valley start-up have nearly tripled since the end of last year.

internet investments in 2020

With the major inflow of new market participants, the market chugged higher, led by the companies young people know and love. Narrow, tech-led rally All three major averages have joined the marker comeback, but the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite is in the green for the year.

Arrows pointing outwards Wall Street is skeptical if this rebound is the real start to the next bull market, given its narrowness.

internet investments in 2020

Some analysts are confident stocks will retest their lows when the full economic picture is realized. TD Ameritrade investors "have been doing a pretty good job choosing technology stocks," said Kinahan.

Investing in Internet of Things Stocks

These companies that tend to sit on cash, said Kinahan. TD Ameritrade clients also picked some beaten down oil stocks. Investor newbies are also piling into the beaten down airlines and cruise lines, according to Robintracker, which tracks Robinhood account activity but is not affiliated with the company.

Michael Krause, chief investment officer at Counterpoint Mutual Funds, said this strategy may not be a safe long term bet.

Here are the top Internet of Things companies to watch and potentially invest in 2020

May work for today's market, but not in the long-run if repeated. There's buy and hold for a reason and anyone who's inexperienced and is just clicking around and buying and selling based on the movements in the markets on a daily basis really have no chance to be successful.

internet investments in 2020

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