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Bush Beer 7. It tastes more like a barley wine and has a lovely golden colour and an earthy aroma.

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  • The order of the ritual The ceremony, to get married soon, should be carried out in the first week after the new moon, at dawn.
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The 7. Brugse Straffe Hendrik Blond 6. Their Blond is a light and tangy pale ale, whereas the Bruin is a classic brown ale with a full body. Of the several brews they produce, these two are the most readily available, fruity and strong, deep in body, and somewhat spicy with a hint of nutmeg and thyme.

A trip to a specialist beer store will give you many options to try 4. It's a refreshing pale ale with a hint of coriander and it leaves a peachy aftertaste.

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Corsendonk Pater Noster 5. It is vedeney options for its Burgundy-brown colour and smoky bouquet.

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Brewed in the Flemish town of Mechelen. There are even Delirium-owned craft beer bars across Europe in cities including Brussels, Lisbon and Amsterdam — the Brussels branch has over 3, beers to try from around the world.

Delerium Tremens with vedeney options distinctive pink elephant label is a must-try Belgian beer 8.

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Its standard beer, De Koninck, is a smooth, yellowish pale ale that is better on draft than in the bottle. Very drinkable and with a sharp aftertaste.

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The key feature is, however, the use of wild yeast in their production, a process of spontaneous fermentation in which the yeasts of the atmosphere gravitate down into open wooden casks over a period of between two and three years. The bottled varieties are often modified, but Cantillon Lambik is authentic, an excellent drink with a vedeney options zip.

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It is produced at the Cantillon brewery, in Anderlecht, which is home to the Gueuze Museum see below. Lindemans Lambik is similar and a tad more commonplace. This process makes gueuze a little sweeter and fuller-bodied than classic lambic.

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Traditional gueuze can be hard to track down and you may have to settle for the sweeter, more commercial brands, notably Belle Vue Gueuze 5. It is brewed from equal parts wheat and malted barley and is the ideal drink for a hot summer's day. The history of wheat beers is curious: in the late s, they were so unpopular that they faced extinction, but within twenty years they had been taken up by a new generation of drinkers and are now extremely popular.

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Hoegaarden is as good a wheat beer as any. It is decanted from a bottle with a cork, as with sparkling wine.

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The better examples are not too sweet and taste simply wonderful. Other fruit beers are available too, but Kriek is perhaps the most successful.

20 Belgian beers you need to try

Leffe Leffe Brune 6. Leffe Blond is bright, fragrant, and has a slight orangey flavour, whereas Leffe Brune is dark, aromatic and full of body. Very popular, but a little gassy for some tastes.

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Orval 6. This Belgian beer is a lovely amber colour, refreshingly bitter and makes a great aperitif.

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Rochefort Rochefort 6: 7. The much fuller — and sourer — Rodenbach Grand Cru is far more difficult to get hold of but is particularly delicious. The actual drink is dark and strong with a spicy aroma and has something of a cult following in Belgium. Produced by Hoegaarden.

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Whatever the truth, the prescription certainly tastes good. Their most famous beer, the Westmalle Tripel, is deliciously creamy and aromatic, while the popular Westmalle Dubbel is dark and supremely malty.