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    Not every practitioner is the perfect fit for every child or family. Okey option can always speak to your practitioner or the reception staff about any concerns and they will be happy to help.

    What if I feel like no progress is being made? The first step is to let your clinician know how you feel.

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    We will work with you to find an appropriate solution. What do I do if I need to complain about something?

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    Will your psychologists refer suspicions of child abuse to the authorities? Under Victorian law, registered psychologists including provisional psychologists are mandatory reporters which means that if during their work they form a reasonable belief of the physical or sexual abuse of a child, they are legally required to report that belief to authorities such as child protection. In most cases they will attempt to advise the parent that they need to make such a referral, but they are not legally required to.

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    Can I get your clinicians to write a report for my lawyers or for the courts? Our practice focusses purely on assessment and therapy.

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    A psychologist who works as part of the legal okey option would be a better option. Okey Dokey exists to support each child to grow and develop the skills they need to flourish.