Brave Browser

The browser pays bitcoins for using it


    the browser pays bitcoins for using it

    First announced in January and being built by former Mozilla Foundation Firefox Chief Executive Officer Brendan Eich, Brave is a web browser built for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android that comes with ad blocking built in, but in a twist will give users the option to replace ads with ads from its own network, and will pay those who opt to see these ads in Bitcoin for the privilege.

    The replacement ads are promised to be non-intrusive, speedier to load, and for those worried about their privacy, do not include tracking features. However, after ceasing hyperventilating at the thought, rationally the Brave Browser will primarily appeal to those who already block ads anyway, and those people who do are already giving nothing back to sites who rely on advertising to begin with.

    the browser pays bitcoins for using it

    The fact that it has an option for users to donate funds gained through viewing ads back to sites they have viewed could potentially be a new source of revenue from users who would otherwise have never viewed ads on the sites they were visiting.

    Image via Brave.

    the browser pays bitcoins for using it

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