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    Sugar What are foreign exchange options? A foreign exchange option — also known as a forex option, FX option or the exchange option price is option — is a type of foreign exchange derivative that gives you the option to buy or sell currency at a specific price.

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    Options are intended to give you more flexible opportunities in the future and protect you from unfavorable fluctuations in the exchange rate of a currency. How foreign exchange options work Just like its name implies, a foreign exchange option gives you the choice to exercise a trade at a specified exchange rate, known as a strike price, up until an agreed-on date in the future, known as the expiration date or expiry date.

    When you buy the right to an option, you pay a fee to the seller of that option, called a premium. If you acquire the right to buy a currency, you have a call option.

    For this right, a premium is paid to the seller. Currency options are one of the most common ways for corporations, individuals or financial institutions to hedge against adverse movements in exchange rates. Key Takeaways Currency options give investors the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a particular currency at a pre-specific exchange rate before the option expires. Currency options allow traders to hedge currency risk or to speculate on currency moves.

    If you acquire the right to sell a currency, you have a put option. What you can do is put a call option on the yen — one that gives you the right to buy the currency in five months at the current exchange rate.

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    If the dollar weakens against the yen it other words, if it buys you fewer yenyou can exercise your option. If the dollar strengthens against the yen, even better — you can simply lose the premium you paid for the option and buy yen at a superior price. Why is a foreign exchange option useful?

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    You can use a foreign exchange option to protect yourself if exchange rates move against you. If exchange rates are unfavorable, you can choose not to exercise your option and simply lose the premium you paid to the seller of the option.

    Under SFAS R paragraph 51a company must recognize the unrecognized value of the original stock option grant and the incremental cost incurred as a result of a stock option exchange program. A company can make the stock option exchange accounting neutral by decreasing the number of shares received in the exchange to a level that makes the fair value of the repriced options equal to the fair value of the options received on the original grant date. Often, the most important consequence for a company considering a stock option exchange is the accounting treatment. Duringseveral high-profile companies decided to complete stock option exchange programs for employee stock options that were severely underwater. For example, CNET Communications, which offered an option exchange in Juneused these ratios for each new option: With increased scrutiny of executive compensation, companies have restricted the eligibility for option exchange offers.

    European vs. If you have an American call option, you can buy euros any time before August 3. What is a binary option?

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    Binary options are a much riskier type of option. Compare forex trading platforms.

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