16 Ways to Make Money Without Working

Works a lot, he has no time to make money

Yes, we are imperfect creatures, yes, it is maybe a bit hypocritical, but it is human.

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So before I continue to spoil the question and the answer! And he grew up essentially on a hippie commune, so for him, this lifestyle has always been the norm and the expectation.

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And this of course intoxicated my college-self, and his indomitable spirit and joy for life are what keep me so in love with him. But this would mean that I would have to support my husband, more or less, and would have to cut out a lot of my financial plans.

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As an adult, I want a partner who is committed to the same things financially, and wants to be a high earner as well so that we could both share the responsibilites of our professional and personal lives.

I know that with him I will have the sole, unerring pressure of being the breadwinner forever. But I love him, madly.

We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Jul 20, katie buckleitner If you're working from home rn, good for you. Also, same. It's not so bad, right? Thanks to technology, you can make money doing just about anything from home just keep it legal guys.

What do I do? Annie Hey Annie.

Multiple Income Streams without Depending on Time and Location

In the meantime, if I could say one thing up-front, it would be: forget about the feminist part. Feminism is not about living some perfect life dictated by a Gender Studies professor, according to outdated or reversed gender roles. So the sooner you can stop beating yourself about that part of the question, the better.

What To Do With Your Wonderful-But-Broke Boyfriend

Now, onto the meat of the issue. You are in love with someone who, emotionally and personally, is an ideal match, but who has some fundamental misalignment on the logistical end. We agreed on all of the fundamental questions and goals of life, and asked ourselves the painful questions of where we stood on absolutely everything.

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We talked money heavily when that was not a thing people did, we went through every possible What If that was unpleasant to think about it, and we had a contract in place for our assets at a time he has no time to make money that was basically never done unless you were a millionaire.

You are lucky enough to see the crack now in a big, big way.

He who works all day, has no time to make money

If I had a misalignment this huge with my boyfriend, and I saw it this early on, I can assure you that would be a dealbreaker for me. Happily ever afters are constructed out of mutually compatible, pragmatic, adult decisions.

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