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    Or sign up for a free trial We do NOT ask for credit card details. At the end of the free trial, if you choose not to subscribe, you will automatically be a free registered user with access to watchlists, portfolios and alerts.

    The free trial gives full access to all of ShareData Online for omnia trading days.

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    Please click here for the free trial sign-up page. Email address When you click the 'Send' button an email will be sent to the above email address containing the password that is registered for the email address. New Password Confirm New Password To apply for the free trial please supply us with your email address: When you click the 'Apply' button below an email will be sent to the ShareData Online support team who will review your application.

    If the free trial is approved then you will receive an email with your password.

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    ShareData Online is currently in use on another computer that logged in with the email address. That computer last accessed ShareData Online on. To use ShareData Online on this computer do one of the following: - Select Logoff from the Admin menu on the other computer - Or wait for 1 hour of omnia trading activity on the other computer For more information see the Conditions of Subscription in the Terms of Use for ShareData Online.

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    The Subscriber undertakes that each login shall be used by one individual on one computer, workstation or device at a time, and further undertakes not to disclose login details to other persons. Omnia Holdings Ltd.

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