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How to have and make money laws, 10 Things to Know This Month

By Mayank Kumar Ever had a cash crunch? Of course, there are various non-legal options available to make a quick buck, but ask yourself the question: What if I built my CV, while working a job? Listed below are various such opportunities that you can benefit from as a law student. As the order progresses, the experience requirement also increases, and so do the returns: 1. This method works depending on the way the Legal Services Authority in the court near to you works.

The Different Legal Aid Authorities contact law schools and their legal aid cells to hire Para Legal Volunteers that are then given tasks like awareness drives, assistance in Lok Adalats etc.

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These work very well for people aspiring to study abroad in the future as this is a social work of a sort. However, you will be reimbursed for the expenses borne by you for this Para Legal Work. Another factor is that the payments are sanctioned by the concerned authorities before reaching your bank accounts. This lag in the payments can be of days as well as months.

12 Ways in Which Law Students Can Make Money (A 4000-Word Gold Mine With 15+ Resources)

The document with all the details about the scheme can be found here. A date for the PLV training is announced and registrations for the same are opened up.

Usually, a two-day facilitation and training program is held within the campus, where representatives of various legal authorities, as well as authoritative people, enlighten the students about various legal issues. At the end of the two days, the students are declared to be Para-Legal Volunteers. You will be contacted whenever an opportunity for PLVs comes up.

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  • 'Law as a Business' - How do law firms make money? | Pinsent Masons - Graduate Careers In Law
  • Email Published on March 21, by isabellaford As the cost of living continues to rise for UK students and an increasing number of bursaries are scrapped by the government, taking on part-time work alongside your legal studies has become how to make money in law school.

Even if you get work only once or twice, it is quite nice to be registered as a PLV. In addition to better qualifications, you also get to help people in need and gain valuable experience.

How to Make Money in Law School

Work-from-Home Internships moving from free to paid assignments As law students, you have to write. There are a plethora of legal startups out there who offer work from home internships. You will surely not receive any stipend, exceptional cases aside, in the general course. Work for these organisations to build your CV enough to be accepted for the actual paid work. Working for free is a just a strategic manoeuvre to understand the way blogging works.

Once you get a grip on this, you can move on to the next step. As your credibility builds up, start asking for a stipend for the work. Reading lets you gain knowledge, listening further adds to the pool, but writing is necessary to fortify that knowledge.

Legal Blogging as a career has been around for quite some time now. The same goes for content writing. Now, some may think that it appears dull on the outset, but it is the best way to keep yourself updated and engrossed in the developments of the legal world. It is also known that frilly language has no value outside law school as all it creates is technical jargon.

‘Law as a Business’ – How do law firms make money?

The blogs you write will be seen by various people. You can even put these in your CV as a legit research activity. Thus, blogging helps in personal development as well as CV building.

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There are two ways you can approach Legal Blogging: First. Write for a popular blog: The top ten legal blogs in India have their daily visitors in lakhs right now.

They upload new articles daily.

Obey These 7 Natural Laws of Freelancing to Make Money Writing

And these articles are all written by people no different than us. Usually, such blogs pay people on a per view basis, giving them a commission from the ad revenue earned. But there are blogs that pay a fixed amount per accepted post out there as well. To write in a popular blog, you need to have a considerable skill as well as experience in writing. The common problem faced here is that you will get a very low per blog income if you get any at all. But still, you can earn decent money and get a lot of writing experience if you set weekly targets and achieve them.

Since law students usually remain underpaid for their services in this field, you can prioritize the prestige of the blog you are writing for. Some of the blogs worth writing for are: Live Law. However, a minimum of 10 articles needs to be written to qualify for certification. Legally India. Content writing jobs are repetitive and usually only available through such job posts, but jacks and referrals never hurt anyone.

The best part about these is that the pay ceiling is way higher than blogs. Beyond blogs work, this article on content writing jobs in Delhi is worth a read. You will build your writing skills further after pursuing these opportunities. Now, you can write a good article in a respectable time. Start your own blog.

You can acquire a free domain from any of the hosting sites and start writing your own blog. If you are able to get respectable how to have and make money laws, upgrade to a plan that lets you advertise and start earning money. Managing your own blog is a gruesome process with a lower success rate, but if you are successful, you might not even need to build your CV anymore.

To write legal blogs you first need to know the norms for the same. While the person who hires you will provide you with guidelines and tips, you need to know of the common practices.

American Bar Associationinattempted to outline the most necessary practices to follow while writing legal blogs. These are the tips to follow: Give legal provisions not legal advice. Write either in layman language or legal jargon with explanations.

Conclusion Introduction Money is considered as one of the best incentives to engage in work.

Remember who the blog is intended for. Write about concepts familiar to you, or research till they are. Provide unknown but important information.

How do law firms make money?

Follow the theme set for the blog: A family law article on an IPR blog makes no sense to the viewership. How to start your own blog? Now, if you are actually interested in going down this road, you need to know all the basics about blog management and writing.

Formation of a Blog: We are making a legal blog here, this type of blog usually gets updated with articles criticising the problems prevalent in the country, analysis of different endeavours, legal news, structural analysis of concepts etc.

To successfully make a blog, a very simple procedure is required: Making a Blog This section focuses solely on making a blog known by many.

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It is only concerned with steps for viewership. Make an account on wordpress. Choose a name for your blog. Take the free package to test out the waters. Customise the website design through the templates available.

You can either make one or get it made. Your free blog website is more or less complete. Now is the time for some marketing. Make a page for your blog at various social media platforms- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Regularly update them with links to new blog posts. Share the pages to all your contacts and periodically monetise them how to have and make money laws you find that traffic does increase on monetization. Write content people want to read.

It should include contemporary issues or highlight previously unknown facts for it to attract viewers. If people like what they read, they are bound to add you to their feed. Writing the Blog Posts Knowing what to write requires experience.

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It is a process of trial and error to find the sweet spot between what others like and what you find doing justice to the topic. Participating in Various Competitions It is better to start participating in competitions early on in your student life. The level of confidence and professionalism built with it, and the links made, are priceless. The problem with these, though, is that the ones getting the prize and glory are limited. Furthermore, participation carries no or little value in your CV, even though the experience is invaluable.

It is a temporary and unforeseeable route, where the wait for work is not known. But parties here are serious about their work. The work can range from drafting to legal advice, to checking for errors.

You have the choice, whether the work is worth your while.

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Most of the activities listed in this guide are freelancer work. Representing Parties in Court This might seem puzzling, but yes, you can represent other parties in specific courts even if you are not a registered advocate.

More specifically, you can do this in a consumer court. But it sure is worth giving a try. This field how to have and make money laws been slowly gaining popularity. The battle that drew out for 2 years, ended just days before writing this article, i. He appeared on behalf of this person so as to help him to fight the injustice that was committed against him, regarding unintimated changes in a security scheme that was invested in by the client.

Read the full article here. Also, law students are filing consumer cases on receipt of bad quality items, be it electronics, or consumables.

Preparing case briefs Finding a busy lawyer that you are comfortable with for work, and making them value you enough to pay you is the only ordeal in this line of business. Your work quality will need to be top notch for this, and that quality will be derived from your experience in the past internships. You WILL have to work for free in the start till you figure out the correct method for you. After that, your price is up to you.

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Ghost-writing books Ghostwriting is when you write for someone else, and it ends up as their work. They will provide you with the insights and their take on what the content should be like.

People pay high for doing all of the physical labour while ensuring quality and being discreet about it. If you can take away most of the grunt work from them, and do a good job at it, you will be very surprised by how much money you can make.