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    Blaze Portfolio currently serves investment firms and buy options platform an advisor-facing trading system that LPL will integrate into its platform to expand its wealth management capabilities and drive growth. LPL intends to retain the talented team of employees who will continue to evolve and expand the Blaze Portfolio technology offering.

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    We serve independent financial advisors, professionals, and financial institutions, providing them with the technology, research, clearing and compliance services, and practice management programs they need to create and grow thriving practices.

    LPL enables them to provide objective guidance to millions of American families seeking wealth management, retirement planning, financial planning and asset management solutions. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees that the future results, plans, intentions or expectations expressed or implied by the Company will be achieved.

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    Matters subject to forward-looking statements involve known and unknown firm express trading llc and uncertainties, including economic, legislative, regulatory, competitive and other factors, which may cause actual financial or operating results, levels of activity, or the timing of events, to be materially different than those expressed or implied by forward-looking statements.

    In particular, LPL can provide no assurance that the expected strategic benefits, synergies, capabilities, service enhancements and efficiencies expected to result from its acquisition of Blaze Portfolio will be achieved. Connect with Us!

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