Why Options and Stop Losses Don’t Mix

How to place stops on options

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So we all know — or will painfully learn — that prudence requires us to take into account that the market may move against us and we need to limit our risk. The stop loss order is the classic way to limit risk on a trade. But the stop loss order is frequently misunderstood and the failure to really appreciate its limitations as well as its virtues is much to the detriment of the investor.

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In some situations, there is a better way than the basic stop order to protect a market position — especially one involving options. Whether you are a day trader Lord help youa buy-and-hold proponent you have big problems too… think Enron, AIG, Lehmann Brothers, etc.

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Their accounts were relatively short-lived. The stop order is an arrow that belongs in your quiver, but it is nonetheless an imperfect weapon in the battle against serious losses… especially when misused or misunderstood.

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Stop Loss Order standard, vanilla version This is the most commonly used technique for limiting the risk in a position you hold. What is often not considered by the casual investor is that you will usually not get out at the specific price you set on your stop order.

It is not necessary for the stock to actually trade at the specified stop order price.

Stop Loss Orders and Options

In other words, you can be stopped out of your position if the bid reaches your stop price, even if there have been no trades at or below that price! Today, before the opening, the stock is bid at Your stop order is triggered and your position is sold out at that price.

It turns out though, that the rumor is not correct and the stock quickly recovers.

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Bottom line: the plain vanilla stop loss order can — and sometimes does — close out your position without the stock how to place stops on options traded at the stop price, or at a price far worse than what you intended to be your risk limit.

The Stop-Limit Order The Stop Limit Order attempts to enable the investor to be more specific about what conditions are acceptable for closing out his position. It requires that if the stop order is triggered the stock is bid, or trades at or below the specified stop priceit can only be filled at the stop price how to place stops on options better.

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The bottom line for the stop-limit order is that in many cases it can result in your exiting from a position at the exact price point you want for limiting your risk. It is especially useful when the stock in questions is very liquid, i.

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  • When trading stock, the most popular method is to establish a stop-loss order.
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  • But I keep getting questions from readers regarding how to set stops on Options trades.

But even the more sophisticated investor may be unaware of how the unique features of options can be employed to protect his stock and other non-option positions. We recognize, however, that a bout of profit taking could easily occur following the recent rally, and that an upcoming earnings report could trigger the profit taking or even tank the stock if earnings proved to be a big negative surprise.

Risk Limiting Strategies That Often Work.

Now we do get a somewhat disappointing earnings report and a well-known TV pundit suggests selling the stock. This is because once the price of the stock reaches the Strike Price of the put option, every dollar we lose in the stock from that level, we make back on the option.

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With XYZ at 60, we bought a 55 put option to protect our stock because the put option gains in value as the stock itself loses value in a decline. Everything remains the same as described earlier if XYZ goes down.