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Step 8: "PASS" - in about five minutes the device will be sewn. You have the latest firmware version. Obtaining ROOT rights.

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If you do decide to root your Samsung GT-I Galaxy S3,then you are aware of what you are doing and take all the responsibility for yourself.

The final file must be with the extension. Step 3: Launch appendix Odin3 v3.

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Step 4: Select the rootkit file and put it in the field PDA If you have androida 4. Step 5: We connect the phone with a cable to the computer and press the Start button. In a minute, the device will be sewn, and since we removed the checkmark Auto-reboot - turn off the device with the handles and enter it into recovery mode by holding down the volume button in turn, then the HOME button and the power button. Root rights are automatically installed. Follow the instructions exactly and you will succeed!

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

For those who already have custom recovery installed, they can immediately go to step 8. Professional platform for binary options touch recovery-clockwork-touch Transfer your smartphone to Download Mode: Turn make money on the internet site w3bsit3- dns. com the smartphone completely, everything should go out.

Press three buttons at the same time - Power, Volume Down and Home A warning will appear, you must click "Volume up" "Downloading" appears with a green robot in the middle.

Root on InFocus M2

Rooting Installation is quick Then you will see the inscription "RESET" and the smartphone will reboot into the root-rights installation mode Then the smartphone will reboot into normal mode. Disconnect your smartphone from your PC 7. Install recovery cwn on Galaxy S3: Follow point 5! Run Odin3 v3.

Is there a need to install

If all the previous tasks are done and successfully completed, click "Start" After completing, you will see the inscription "RESET" and the smartphone will reboot. If you do everything correctly, you should have an animation of the loaded Cyanogenmod 11 and then the phone itself will be loaded with the new firmware.

Services Q3 main v 1. Firmware for Chinese tablet Samsung N Sewing software Hard reset did not help reset to factory settingsthis is the first time I encountered such a problem, so the first solution was to turn to experts for help. I took him to one miracle workshop, where he lay for almost half a year. They could not find the firmware in any way.

The download itself will take longer than usual! Among the dozens of smartphone models produced annually by one of the market leaders - Samsung - the manufacturer's flagship devices attract special attention. As for the software part of the Samsung flagships, here we can talk about the broadest possibilities for its mutability.

A high level of performance and a large margin of productivity, thanks to the use of the most advanced achievements of the industry, make it possible to use Samsung's flagship solutions for many years without problems, without a critical drop in performance. Only the software part of the device requires some attention.

Why replace software

However, there are convenient tools and proven methods for interacting with the system software, right up to its complete replacement. All manipulations according to the instructions below are performed by the user at his own peril and risk. Watch pages and make money author of the article and the Administration of the site do not guarantee the achievement of positive and desired results by the owner of the device, and also are not responsible for possible damage to the smartphone as a result of incorrect actions!

To carry out the process of reinstalling the system software in the Samsung GT-I Galaxy S3 as quickly and efficiently as possible, several preparatory procedures must be performed. This issue should be given due attention, because only after proper preparation can you count on a positive firmware result and quick elimination of errors that may occur when installing Android into a device.

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Drivers Almost all procedures that involve serious interference with the system software of an Android smartphone require the use of a PC and specialized utilities as tools to perform manipulations. Therefore, the first thing you should take care of when you need to flash Samsung GT-I is the correct pairing of the device and the computer, that is, installing the drivers.

USB debugging mode In order for Windows applications to interact with the software components of the smartphone, a special mode must be activated on the device - USB Debugging This option will need to be used for almost any manipulation involving access to data in the phone's memory.

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  3. Q3 main v firmware. Firmware for Chinese tablet Samsung N Sewing software

At the preparatory stage, root rights will make it possible to create a full-fledged backup, and in the future they will allow you to carry out almost any manipulations with the system software, up to its complete replacement.

To get privileges on the model in question, one of the software tools is used: KingRoot or KingoRoot - these are the fastest and simplest means with which it is easy to root the device. Where to earn btcon without investment choice of a particular application is up to the user; in general, they work equally efficiently and are easy to use.

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In addition to root-rights, many operations with the Galaxy S3 GT-I model require an installed BusyBox - a set of console utilities that allow you to perform manipulations that require the connection of additional OS kernel modules.

Backup Theoretically, after installing the drivers for manipulating the Samsung GT-I Galaxy S III through programs for interacting with memory sections, there are practically no obstacles left, you can start installing Android, but, as you know, this process may not always be error-free and can lead to damage to individual software components of the device, not to mention the fact that all user data as a result of the procedure will be deleted and you will need to restore everything you need - contacts, photos, applications, etc.

In a word, it is highly discouraged to start reinstalling Android without a preliminary backup.

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User data To save the information accumulated in the phone's memory during operation, the easiest way is to use the proprietary Smart Switch tool from Samsung, mentioned in the description of the driver installation process. We follow only three simple steps and all information will be archived into a backup: It should be noted that recovery from a backup created using Samsung's proprietary software will only be possible on a smartphone running the official firmware.

Damage or removal "EFS" in the process of manipulating the system partitions for various reasons will lead to the inoperability of the network interfaces, and in some cases to the impossibility of turning on the phone. For the model in question, creating a backup "EFS" before reinstalling the system software is not just a recommendation, but a mandatory requirement!


Ignoring the operation to create a dump multiplies the level of risk of getting an inoperative smartphone! After connecting the smartphone in the same order as when creating a backup, and going to the program recovery section in the list "Select a backup archive to restore" you need to select a backup file, check for marks in the checkboxes of the field Archive Backup Contens and by pressing the button "Restore", wait until the procedure is completed.

Firmware One of the notable features of Samsung's flagship devices is the presence of a huge number of modified unofficial firmware for them. The use of such solutions makes it possible to completely transform the software shell and get new versions of Android. Make money on the internet site w3bsit3- dns.

com before moving on to installing custom, you should study the methods for installing the official versions of the system.

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In case of problems, this skill will allow you to restore the model software to its original state. Method 1: Smart Switch The manufacturer Samsung has a rather tough policy regarding interference with the software of its own brand devices.

The only thing that it allows to do officially with regard to the Galaxy S3 firmware is to update the system version through the proprietary Smart Switch software, which we already used above when installing drivers and creating a backup copy of information from a smartphone.

Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S3 - software update and ROOT rights.

Install and run Smart Switch. We connect the smartphone launched in Android to the USB port of the computer. After the model is identified in the application, an automatic verification of the version of the system installed in the phone with the edition available on the Samsung servers is carried out, and if the update is possible, a corresponding notification is displayed.

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