How to get the

How to find the VK token


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    File name to save access token Details Getting user access token involves several steps: Step 0. Login your VK account. If you haven't created an application yet, create one by clicking Create an Application on the top right of the page.

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    Give it a title and choose Standalone Application. After you enter you phone number in the pop-up window, you will receive a text message with a confirmation code.

    I am trying to get a token. I read the documentation, didn't understand anything.

    Enter the code, and you will be redirected to a page with information on your application. Choose Settings on the top left panel and remember your Application ID 7-digits code.

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    Step 2. It will create a file with the name you choose to store your user access token. The function will first ask whether you read these instructions: type y.

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    Then type Application ID from Step 1. You will be redirected to a web page requesting access to your account for your application.

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    Choose Allow. You will be redirected to a new page.

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    Press Enter. Step 3.

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    You created your user access token and saved it in a file with a name you specified in your working directory. Otherwise you can loose access to your account.

    Load your user access token as shown in the Examples section below. Author s.