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Thinkstock Tech skills that will earn you more money It's a great time to be in tech. According to data from Dicetechnology salaries in the U.

1. Image editing and graphic design

That's a 7. In addition, Dice also reports a jump in salaried positions, contract rates and bonuses from In seven major-metro areas, tech salaries averaged in the six-figure range for the first time in the past decade.

As of August, these are the top 10 highest paying and fastest growing IT skills, according to research and data from Dice.

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Thinkstock Spark Businesses are collecting more data than ever before, but with all that data comes a need for someone to manage it and maintain the you can quickly make a million used to store it all.

Spark is one of the more commonly used tools to process petabytes of data, which is especially useful for companies that offer streaming services and need to manage heavy traffic. Thinkstock Azure Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that helps businesses build, deploy and manage apps and software hosted on Microsoft's data centers.

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The software also comes with a suite of built-in tools that make it easier for businesses to manage everything from mobile devices to the internet of things. As technology becomes more complex for nearly every business, workers with Azure skills are in high demand.

Thinkstock Cloud Businesses are embracing the cloud, but that means they need more qualified workers to help manage those cloud services. Salaries for this generalized-skill are up 35 percent, slightly lower than other skills on this list, but it makes sense since it's been a hot skill for quite a few years now.

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Thinkstock JIRA JIRA is a productivity tracking software for developers that helps track bugs, issues and manage projects through each phase of development. It's part of an agile teams toolbox, keeping how to make money new technologies on track and on time for delivery. Since most businesses have adopted this agile-style of project management, Jira skills are highly coveted when hiring new tech workers.

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Thinkstock Security engineer Security is on the mind of every IT leader, especially as high-profile data breaches have become the norm. Therefore, specialized skills in this area are becoming increasingly important to companies hiring tech workers. Of course, security skills can run the gamut, but having a background in enterprise security can go along way for businesses scrambling to protect their customer and corporate data.

Thinkstock Cassandra Cassandra is an open-source database management system aimed at helping businesses manage the massive amounts of data stored across multiple servers. It's a product from Apache, but found it origins at Facebook, where it was built on Amazon's Dynamo and Google's BigTable -- both cloud database services.

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Thinkstock Salesforce Salesforce is commonplace in the corporate world, and it's grown to become a powerful CRM tool for sales, marketing, analytics, team collaboration, customer service and more. Since it's ubiquitous in the enterprise, workers with Salesforce expertise are certainly in-demand. With businesses relying on one piece of software for multiple departments, objectives and projects, business leaders are looking to get qualified tech workers in the door.

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Thinkstock Network administrator With desktops, tablets, smartphones and notebooks -- most likely all running on different platforms -- comes the need for complex networks in the enterprise. Network administrators are responsible for keeping networks running smoothly, secure and up to date with the how to make money new technologies software.

  1. No Comments With new competitors entering the home automation market, residential systems integrators need to work harder to attract and keep customers.

And, as with all things tech, your networks are only as good as the people maintaining them, which makes it a profitable skill to have in your proverbial toolbox.

Thinkstock Electrical engineer Electrical engineers are responsible for testing, developing, designing and supervising electronic equipment, whether it's the latest smartphone or GPS system.

And it's become a vital role for any business trying to produce electronics, especially as the breadth of hardware grows. Most people no longer just have a desktop, they have notebooks, tablets, smartphones, mp3 players and smartwatches among other devices.

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And at the heart of all those devices are electrical engineers, a skill that has increased 18 percent in market value, according to Dice. Thinkstock Big data Data is king -- nearly every business either collects, tracks or manages some type of data, whether it's consumer or corporate.

But collecting, housing and maintaining all the systems that go along with big data is no easy task. So it's no wonder skills in this area have increased in market value -- going up 16 percent since last year.

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