10 Best File Sharing Sites To Earn Money [Earn Up To $40 /1K Downloads]

How to make money on file sharing. 16 Best file sharing sites to earn upto 25$ per download.[]

File upload sites make the best money

Well, in this fast-growing world everything unbelievable is likely to happen, then why not this?? Normally all of us use and are familiar with Dropbox, Google Drive, Cloud Storage, etc to store or share our files with different people. But do you know there are many file sharing sites to make money and they even pay you every time someone downloads your uploaded file??

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Here in this article, we are going to learn about these best file sharing sites to earn money and how they work… Top 10 File Sharing Sites To Earn Money There are multiple sites where you can upload files and share them on your blogs, websites, YouTube channels, or any other social media. We have tested different websites and came up with a list of top file-sharing sites to make money.

Rapidgator The Rapidgator is a Belfast, Ireland based document facilitating and sharing help that has been operational since Renowned for its endless distributed storage strategy, Rapidgator aims to have its workers at the central web trade-focused to guarantee its clients get the most ideal speed for transferring and downloading content.

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Highlights It offers unlimited storage space and caps bandwidth usage. Guarantee unlimited download speed for premium users.

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It supports direct file uploads, FTP uploads as well remote uploads. It also allows you to view some statistics to help you track downloads of your shared files.

How to make money online with file sharing File Sharing: you make money by sharing files In this section GetMyRefs will talk about how you can earn by sharing your files. Even if you are not very knowledgeable on the internet, you will surely know that there are special sites on the web that allow you to load a large number of files in your database, then available for download from other users. We are talking, for example, about Megashares and Rapidshare, the two industry leaders, where you can find any type of file, from simple e-book to a whole movie, ranging from songs, games, applications, and much more.

IndiShare Indishare is a document sharing site where clients transfer documents. With Indishare you can have documents, pictures, recordings, sound, and blaze on a similar spot. Indishare is an online stockpiling answer for those who need to send enormous records to their friends and family.

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It is a household name among Indians as they give simple cloud arrangements. Highlights Points are awarded to users for full-fledged downloads of their files. This website offers an interactive interface and helpful customer care. Daily Uploads permits you to share content and build cash from it.


Highlights Diverse modes of payments available. Daily uploads enable you to build cash by sharing content. The website offers sophisticated uploading and downloading tools as well as a remote backup facility. This website supports all types of files making it highly user-friendly.

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Users are paid for full-fledged downloads. This website offers payments through Skrill, Webmoney, and Bitcoins. This is a secure way to earn money as well as store your data. There are several perks regarding uploading your files with up-load. Highlights An ad-free web site that guarantees the users to transfer your files without any annoying pop-ups or false links. Use Your Referral Link to generate profits. DLUpload DLUpload is a popular file-sharing site how to make money on file sharing pays per download and lets you bring in cash online with your document.

It allows you to transfer your file image, sound, video, pdf, or any sort of record. Offer the connection of your document and bring in cash each time when your record gets downloaded. Quick and Reliable Payment System that allows you to receive your earnings in different online payment apps.

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They provide 15GB of storage to every user. Uploading service is of 1GB for individual files. It permits you to transfer any variety of contents, no matters what it is: Image, Zip file, mp3, Video, or anything.

The services are offered around the globe in more than countries. Uploaded With workplaces in Switzerland and the UK, Uploaded is stretching out, and beginning to extend its center business.

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It offers clients the chance to store records, for example, recordings, pictures, or reports, while they can likewise be downloaded on the webpage by means of an inside created connection. Highlights The affiliate program from this website is feature-rich. The customer service is timely and efficient in helping newcomers. CostAction Cost Action is a powerful platform that serves to form and organize the simplest Affiliate Programs!

They organize convenient and practical service with the foremost fashionable tools and technologies and tend to attract major advertisers and through which they can produce profitable and high-paying firms.

Earning on file hostings in 50 I guess that every Internet user has ever downloaded files from file hostings such as DepositfilesRapidshareHotfileLetitbitUploadingSharingmatrixOron and others.

For webmasters they provide good alternative opportunities to legitimize their traffic; they guarantee stability, high financial gain, and steady growth! They have a number of payment methods, including automatic subscription for the credit card payments and SMS payments as well. One can earn money through each install, downloads, and sales for premium accounts. File-Upload File-upload is one of the best file sharing sites to bring in cash from transferring records.

You can start making money through the website in just 3 stages: make a record, Upload Files — for each visit, you bring in cash.

8 best file sharing sites to earn Upto 20$ per download

This website supports a minimum file size of 1 byte. Up-4ever Up-4ever is the medium to transfer documents and pictures, which in turn pays you while being free!

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So you can bring in cash from home without putting in any effort or money from your own side. It is one of the main pay per transfer web pages which pays you for the downloading that you get from your records, they settle up to 8.

If you want to use any of these websites, do some due diligence before going all in. I might try a couple of file sharing sites myself. Rapidgator Rapidgator is a popular file hosting website that allows users to upload their files and share them with the audience.

It has more than k individuals enrolled till now and how to make money on file sharing becoming more popular with time. Highlights Users just have to upload files on forums through their referral links. They get remunerated based on the number of views they garner Users from any part of the globe can participate and get paid.

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There is no requirement of doing annoying surveys before downloading the files. This website boasts a user-friendly interface with a budding community.

Conclusion The advent of PPD websites has led to a revolutionary new way of earning income.

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It requires little effort on the part of the user but if tried aptly, can lead to great profits. What is your favorite file-sharing site to earn money online? Do tell us in the comments box below. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave olympic trade binary options reviews in the comments below. Also Read —.