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    The new solution includes an additional function that makes it possible to directly transmit video images between terminals, enabling high-quality, real-time video calling services.

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    NetFront VideoTalk is an ideal solution for operators and device manufacturers seeking to differentiate their telecommunications services and Android device offerings while also leveraging the growth of LTE services into opportunities to win new customers. NetFront VideoTalk includes a complete support package that ranges from the provision of the basic standard software to customized installations. Installations of individualized oki opshin trading platform are available as an option.

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    The range of offerings makes it possible to quickly bring to market high-quality, video calling services for Android devices while also reducing development and installation costs. Together, these technologies enable high-quality, real-time video performance that gives users a strong sense of immediacy when making video calls, which enhances the video calling experience.

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    Offering a wide range of video services NetFront VideoTalk includes a media encoder module that converts images to IP format and a separate media player module that combines images that have been converted to IP format. The two modules can be operated separately as required.

    This means that NetFront VideoTalk can support video-sharing services, in which images are transmitted between devices in one direction only, as well as video calling services, in which images are transmitted in both directions. So, by installing, for instance, a media encoder module controllable by IMS in a camera mechanism, the camera can function as a network camera, while installing a media player module controllable by IMS in a TV monitor enables the TV to function as a network monitor.

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    The availability of the two modules allows NetFront VideoTalk to support a wide range of video services. Applications are also available with APIs, allowing operators to customize their own user interfaces.

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    NetFront VideoTalk can also be used on tablet devices, set-top boxes STBsdigital televisions, cameras and other Android OS device that include a camera and or monitor. Additional information about NetFront Life is available at www.

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